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Forest Troll Army!

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Level 51
Dec 8, 2008


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Sep 2, 2007
2002 Polies, huh? That's too much for a Warcraft III unit, you should reduce it. I think it's because of those axes. The model itself look good. And I think you should change Forest Troll Warlord's banner texture, because this one looks flat and not so matchy.
learn about modelling, then come again to the modelling and animtaion board.
2000 polies are NOT too much. They only add more quality to the model.
Today's computers really don't lag because of it ANYMORE.

I find the concepts pretty crappy but it looks nice.
yo, dont friky out devine^^

I'd say its not too much render wise...
Still most of the times high polier models look a lot cleaner and rounder, thus they dont fit really well!
But you can with a good model combine both i think...

Still i dont see where are the polies go to?
Probably the wolf heads?
Speking of them, why are they on there? I mean, there is no story behind it nor does it make much sense either...

Same with the second model...
I dont get the story behind it, you know, you cant just throw pieces together...
(well, you obviusly can, we can see that, but thinking thoroughly about the concept is essential... you must throw stuff together that as a whole make sense...)

Dont get me wrong, i am just trying to critic strongly to maybe give you a little thought about one or the other point!
The models both look good!
Level 15
Mar 8, 2009
well, that's my personal POW, but i like the idea of 'throwing pieces together', 'cos it adds some randomness to units, making them less epic perhaps, but more lively =)
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