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An update on my old flesh warlock skin. decided to keep this in 256x256. sorry, no excessive details here, just looking good ingame. tried a new style which has mostly normal brush. enjoy, give credits.

flesh, eredar, draenei, dranai, warlock, dark, evil, shadow, darkness, fel, hell, chaos

FleshWarlock (Texture)

THE_END: Such an awesome skin, I love the concept
Level 1
Aug 2, 2005
If someone there are good to import skins and models read this plzz help me.. i suck to import skins and models.. plzz help me
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
This is some nice low resolution goodnes.
Did you do it in 512 and shrink it or did you work in 256?
Iether way it looks nice.
All I can crit is the chest but I don't feel like it,i'll let you decide if you want to change anything.

You know that cinematic skins are around 2024x2024 pixels and usualy have a normal bump,diffuse and specularity map. Plus lots of lighting
This has a a 256x256 diffuse map.

Afroknight isn't better then blizzard but his skin is better then the original blizzards skin.
Level 12
Jun 13, 2004
The biggest thing thats turning me off is that the little tentacle things from his face come out of the teath rather than the hole, and the legs and shoulders seem to futuristic and metalic... try using some more fire plated and burned metal with tonnes of scratches and stuff like that... just a suggestion

and whats with the mayonaise on his nose... lol
Level 2
Apr 26, 2005
@falco the armor doesnt look futuristic, it looks like some nice epic WoW armor and the "mayo on his nose" is light effects. The "tentacle things" are more like excess skin rotting on his bone jaw. Afro is one of the higher quality skinners BUT blizzard PAYS people to make this stuff good. Im sure if the supervisor of wc3 didnt like the model/skin (which im sure he did a few times to better capture the WC Theme even though the model was prolly one of the best ever concieved.) he would make them redo it better. So afro isnt going to be blizzard quality but he is in the top 10 by my standards (up there with olofmoleman, RDZ , and ETC.)

@Afro GJ keep on poping em out like this :p