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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
a lil skin i did for a seige

nerubian, flame, fiery, beetle, monster

FireCryptLordSkin (Texture)

THE_END: Original shell design, but more should've been changed




THE_END: Original shell design, but more should've been changed
Level 3
Sep 12, 2004
Well this was the first skin i did its the 5th posted and it took me 2 hours to do i did it about 7 months ago for a seige i played with m freinds i also reskined the spikes for his abilitys so they looked as if they were glowing with heat and i edited a crypt lord so he burrowed but ive had soem problems with him when he chanels spells he uses alternat move wich ends up being him burrowed

if any one thinks they could help with that ill post it just mesage me
Level 2
Jun 4, 2004
You should've done more than just the carapace. I know the CL wraps abysmally, but still...

On a side note, could you update the screenie with a shot of the Carrion Beetle with this skin? It'd be nice to see how it he looks....

As for your animation problem: the Crypt Lord originally had Alternate animations (with his shell open). You can stop spells using these with one of the fields in Object Editor (I think it's something like "Animation Names", near the top in spell edit); just change the animation names or remove the "alternate" bits.
Level 1
Nov 4, 2006
nice done, good that someone made something usefull instead of all those DH skins ^^ 5/5 :twisted: