Final Fantasy Forever release 1a

Level 3
Oct 20, 2004

Final Fantasy Forever release 1a


Game Description:

This map was built off of the concepts that make single player console RPGs so fun.
Final Fantasy Forever adapts these concepts into warcraft 3 allowing you to get a
multiplayer console RPG experience on battlenet with your friends. The game features
a massive list concepts new to warcraft 3 maps. It twists the existing game boasting
many custom designed ingame systems.


Primary Unique Features:

- Equipment System: Final Fantasy Forever allows players to actually equip items. The
stats of the item are added directly to the hero's stats scores. This leaves your hero
open to carry up to 6 charged items (potions/tents/heal/life potions). All of your
equipped items are saved when you save your character.

- Stacking/Saving Charged Items: These are your potions, your tents, your elixirs...all
those goodies. This allows players to live through bosses. You are expected to use all of
your group's power to survive these battles and emerge victorius. Charged items on your
hero are put into your save code and the exact amount you had when you saved will load
when you load.

- Leadership/Party System: Battles are fought in battlefields using a RPG random encounter
system. Movement through the game is showns via area transition markers. The party leader
controls major area transitions to/from town to the world map...dungeon entrances. Ect.
Every hero has a party different leadership bonus ability, which updates when you change

- Epic Boss Fights: This release has a total of 8 Boss Fights. 3 Standard Boss Fights (
Red Fang, Arch Ghoul and Toad Lady) and 5 Plot Bosses (Granite Golem, Dark Shadow,
Vampire Lord: Drealnas, Drealnas (Berserk) and Terranus). Standard Boss Fights last
anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and will require a degree of strategy to win. Plot
Bosses are epic fights and will take even strong teams 2-10 minutes to defeat (depending on
party config and which boss).

- Scaling Ability System: Almost every ability in the game scales with character power.
New items and level ups will increase the effectiveness of every damage/healing skill in
the game in some way. The static skills usually run off a % or are a set duration due to
their type (status effect skills, buffs ect.)

- Fake cinematic System: This system allows close-to cinematics for plot development that
each player can read seperately. If one character finishes before another character that
character is free to roam about town or the area while the others finish their cinematics.

- Custom Hate System: The Blizzard AI did not serve my purposes so, each hero is assigned a
custom hate value for each enemy. The starting value is based off which row your hero starts
off in. This value changes and the attack target for each enemy updates real time when
enemies take damage, or are taunted. Jump removes all hate until the dragoon lands then
re-adds it all + the hate the damage jump generated. Blink generates a large amount of
illusionary hate for the duration of the skill (10 seconds).

- JASS Custom Scripted Attacks: Most Attacks in this map are custom scripted in the map
code blizzard uses to build maps, this is why abilities scale in power when you level/get
new gear. Each Hero has between 13-25 custom abilities.


Explicit Features List:
- 223 Custom Abilities
+ 120 Hero Abilities (Not Including Game Menu and Spellbooks)
+ 18 Spellbooks
+ 15 Enemy Skills + 3 built in AI scripts
+ 11 Game Menu Commands
+ 58 Custom Item effects
- 8 Heros
- 25 Creature types to encounter in random battles
- 8 Status Ailemnts (Paralyze, Silence, Stone, Blind, Slow, Frog, Confusion, Poison)
- 8 Epic Boss Fights
- 14 Plot Updates to the primary quest
- 2 part sidequest with a side boss opened at a later point by completion
- 93 Seperate pieces of equipable equipment
- 13 Custom Stacking Charged Items (Tents, Potions, ect.)

Map Crap
- 156 Triggers
- 262 Functions
- 376 Regions
- 1886 Doodads (Other)
- 185 Doodads (Trees/Destructables)
- 136 Variables
- 517 Custom Objects (136 Units, 116 Items, 8 Doodads, 223 Abilities, 24 Buffs/Effects, 10 Upgrades)
- Tileset (Modified Lordaeron Summer)



This map's save encryption uses a alpha-numeric transition phase durring the encryption
process. This will invalidate codes for players with names that have an invalid alpha-
numeric values at the center digit and last digit. Example of a good name is "Bob5768" or
even "458692". However "Joe_!!!" is bad and will return invalid save codes. What I recommend
is create a screenname that contains no invalid characters when playing, also don't change
screennames as screennames are encrypted into the code.


Saving Recommendations:

When you save be sure to activate the game's "Black Mask" feature. This is under the game menu.
After the mask is enabled hit the save ability. While you can write the codes on paper its
better to hit printscreen while the information is displayed, alt+tab out of the game and
paste it into MSPaint or whatever image editing software you use. You can then save the image.
Its also a good idea to then copy the codes from the screenshot to a notepad file with -load in
front of the code. This way when its time to load the next game you can copy/paste from the notepad
to the chat line ingame and have the least chance of screwing up your code. If you screw up your
code, make a typo or miss a digit there is a chance your code will be invalid, if it isn't invalid
something will fail to load in the event of a typo or missed digit, if your code actually loads.
However the save/loader has been thoroughly tested and as long as your username complies with the
above disclaimer your codes WILL work if copied down and loaded exactly as they are displayed when
you save.

Download Final Fantasy Forever r1a
Level 8
Jul 3, 2004
Sounds pretty cool. About the disclaimer: you could make each person change their name with the Player - Name trigger, that way, when the map loads, each player can load with a valid name.

When you save your character...does it display to all players? Why take a screenshot? Most can just write it down.
Level 10
Jul 2, 2004
what about a duplicating bug? i hope there isnt one... all those who play legacies: tides of the serpent should know what i am talking about