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Fel Thrall

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So I was asked by @Ryzen to make a fel orc version of Thrall, which I'm surprised nobody had made yet. Anyway, it's a fairly simple retexture with a couple of details, basically, but you guys may find use for it as well. He has a couple of spikes in the back too, and his arms are bare to show some more.

If you want to, you can edit it however you please.

Fel Thrall (Model)

Fel Thrall icons (Icon)

Fel Thrall portrait (Model)

Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
This is kinda altered thing in which Thrall does this...
In the true timeline he wouldn't be caught dead taking the Fel Magic...

By the way glad the Horde accepted Warlocks again into the Horde and etc...
Level 9
Oct 10, 2020
Poor Thrall. He fell to the FEL. I would only imagine him falling to the Fel somehow during the BC timeline if there was even such a thing but he would do anything to resist going back to the old ways and further corrupted into a full blown fel orc. I like the concept though because there is some flexibility in creating an alternate timeline.
Level 3
Aug 24, 2021
Thank you, I appreciate it.

It looks great, maybe a few fel splashes or something on the Doomhammer will make it even more demonic :D