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Wc3: Farmville (Credits to DEMIGOD for the idea)

Wc3 Farmville will be a multiplayer game that pit's players against each other in an RTS farming experience (Yeah i know sounds retarded xP), it will include building, growing, harvesting, and selling of crops. Buying, growing, and killing of animals for meat which can be sold.
It will feature many of the things included in the Farmville game on Facebook (I played it for 3 hrs and I got hooked... off it now though)
Throughout the game there will be random events like crop plagues, drought's, bad harvests, mad cow disease, etc... You will also be pitted against each other in multiplayer
mini-games that require the use of your gold, and farm equipment.

Disclaimer- All systems included in this map created by me are not to be re-distributed or used in any other map without my permission.

Wc3 Farmville will Include:
1. Farm-able plot's of land.
2. Season mechanic's. (summer, fall, & winter)
3. 2-4 player multiplayer, or single player if you prefer to play by yourself.
4. Expandable farms.
5. A save/load system that allows you to re-load your previous farm. (This is will only be implemented after the BETA version has been released.[Credits to swipe5weep, This idea is subject to change]
6. Sabotage able crops & equipment that allows you to ruin your competition's day (^.^)
7. Explosions!

Preview Images

Seasons Info


-Trees are all green
-Sunlight & effect's all over the map and some other stuff
-Crops (the item) will appear faster


-Trees are all red/orange/etc colors
-wind and rain effect's
-Crops (the item) start to appear slower


-Trees are all covered in snow
-Wind and snow all over the map (gonna try tile changing somehow to)
-Crops (the item) will have an insane spawn time but you can still kill animals for your money then
-You will be unable to build plot's of soil thus preventing you from making more corn/cabbage/tomato/etc farm tiles

(The information above about season's is subject to editing)

This is the area where I will put a few of the thing's I will/might be needing later on in the development of this map.

~A save/load system for the gold, items, buildings, and everything else used on the farm.
~Models for anything and everything used on a farm.
~System's that can give the effect of season's (EX: snowstorms, rain, fog, etc...)


Didn't get a chance to do to much work due to an Art show and some other things I had to go to, but I managed to finish the basic terrain for the farms & decide how I'll be working out the purchasing land system (it's very simple lol.)


Finished the land purchasing system, there's 3 possible upgrades for your farm size.
First you start off with a basic 32x32 tile farm, With the first upgrade your farm will become 64x64 tiles, With the Second upgrade your farm becomes 128x128 tiles, and with the final upgrade your farm becomes 256x256 tiles.
(Note~ Tiles are 1 human Farm in length and width, and the farms take up only a quarter of the map.)

Currently I've decided that in the BETA there will only be 3-4 types of fruit/veggies to plant, mainly because you only need to test the basic's of the game.


BETA V1.0 has been released to basic testing with a minimum of 3 players. The systems, buildings, unit's, and items are not all guaranteed to work 100%
as intended.

List of all available things to do in this beta release:
-Increase farm size through upgrades
-Build Plot's of Soil that can be upgraded into Corn, Carrots, Tomatoes, or Cabbage plants (more will come)
-Train a farmhand
-Sell meat & vegetables to the Traveling Salesmen
-Working Summer, Fall, & Winter seasons (with minor glitches)
-Buy, play with, and slaughter your animals
-Blow up trees (Spell has not been tested yet, it is equipped to the unit with a shredder model)
-Few other misc things

~Searching for suitable tractor model.


BETA V2.0 has been released. Testing with a minimum of 2 players is needed, along with a lot of feedback (to improve everything)

List of new stuff:
-New harvesting & killing system (not 100% tested)
-New item's & a new animal
-Chicken's can now lay egg's & Sheep can now be sheared for wool
-Fixed some of the prices, items, & triggers
-Added sign's which tell you how to reach the merchants
-Added the first sabotage item [Locust Swarm]
-Added & fixed a few other misc things.


Quickly updated the map to fix some price issues, add a lumber item (will be removed soon) And to add an "Early Harvest" spell to go along with the "Full Harvest" spell that is used to get the crop item from the patch of veggies/fruits. Also added icon for cow and scarecrow.


Well I've finally returned from an extended break, and am now working on Wc3:Farmville again. In the past few minute's that i've been working on the map i've already made quite a few changes that include:
Adding some new Icon's
Fixed up a few triggers
(Hopefully) Fixed and finished the locust swarm attack triggers
Started work on more attack & sabotage related items/events
Updated this thread!


Work on this map has been re-started, and is currently in full swing.:thumbs_up:


Testing of released BETA's is needed, I need a lot of feedback to be able to update and continue working on this map!
So if you download the map post some sort of suggestion/s or reviews below.

~This post will be updated once in awhile, so check back in for more information.


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Looks good, I will use it as the preview =)
Still need to put in some more crops, and buildings. Do a bit of balancing, and then I'll release a new version.

ETA the end of summer (working on a campaign 2)
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