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These FAQs are general for the entire project, and updated accordingly. For a specific campaign FAQ, please refer to its project page. You can find specific campaign's pages by clicking the released campaigns images on the OVERVIEW THREAD or by checking out the DOWNLOADS THREAD. Credits are also displayed per campaign.


  • How do I install the campaigns?
    Custom campaigns are not currently supported in Warcraft 3: Reforged are we are all waiting for Blizzard to fix this. Until then, there are two ways to play the campaign:
    1. Download the maps Unpack them in your Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder (under my documents in Windows) Start the game Single Player Custom Game Select the mission you want to play
    2. Download the maps Unpack them where you want Open the World Editor Click on File Open Map Once the map is loaded, you can play the map by pressing the Test Map button (or by pressing Ctrl+F9)
    Please note that the campaigns are Reforged HD settings only and cannot be played with classic graphics.

  • What difficulty is for me and how do I select a difficulty?
    If you can beat the vanilla campaigns on Hard difficulty, I suggest trying out Hard for an engaging additional challenge or Normal if you just want to play on a similar difficulty level. If you can beat the original campaigns on Normal you can try Normal to add some challenge or Easy to have a slightly easier experience than the original. Finally, if you only can beat the vanilla campaigns on Easy, I recommend playing on Easy.
    You cannot select a difficulty through the Custom Game menu, directly in the game interface,. You can however do so by playing through the World Editor.
    To choose a difficulty this way click on File Preferences Test Map Select the difficulty of your choice Play the map through the World Editor to play on the chosen difficulty.
    The difficulty of the game when played through the Custom Game menu is always Normal.

  • Can I play with graphics mods?
    Yes, but it's not the intended experience. Graphics is tuned on vanilla settings, and models/textures could look too dark/washed out or animations could bug out completely. Please don't report any glitch or issues unless you are playing with vanilla game.

  • Is hero progress saved between maps?
    Yes, and also much more... It is saved no matter how you play the maps, from the World Editor or from the custom game menu. Just remind that if you change the playing method between missions, progress could be reset.

  • Is music the same as vanilla game?
    Yes, but there are some instances where custom music is played, for example when specific sections or battles happen. Music should feel definitely more interactive and dynamic than in vanilla game.

  • Is there any copyrighted custom music in the campaign?
    All music comes from Blizzard's games, specifically World of Warcraft and all of its expansions. Else, the music is original and actually owned by me, so there is nothing to worry about. You can record any footage of my campaigns and put it online without risk of copyright infringements.

  • Are heroes like in vanilla campaigns?
    Heroes ability are the same of the vanilla campaign and the main heroes are like in vanilla. The experience system, however, is tweaked to be more rewarding. In other words, your heroes needs to do stuff in first person to gain experience and a lot of killing is required to gain levels. Tomes of experience and creep camps to clear come really handy, so make sure to search for them!

  • What do you mean by modernized gameplay and redesigned quests?
    Missions should feel less repetitive and some twists are added to the basic build a base then destroy your opponent's base formula. Additional mechanics are introduced with maximum care to make them not frustrating. Quests are also redesigned to feel modern and more similar to Starcraft 2's ones. This includes easier to understand objectives with more complex quest mechanics. Also checkpoints are used extensively, to better keep the player's progress saved if something bad happens.

  • Is the overall story changed, for example taking care of World of Warcraft's events?
    The overall story is the same as classic, with some restored content. Additional elements from World of Warcraft are referenced and integrated into the main storyline, without retconning it in any way.

  • How can I play in my language?
    First check if your language is supported. I plan to support all languages Reforged supports, in time. If your language is already supported, just launch the map with the game in your language and it will work immediately, just like official campaigns. If your language is not supported all map specific text will be in english, additional dialogue will have no voice. Dialogues, game texts and lip sync will be automatically localized tough. I recommend to play in english if your locale is not supported for the best possible experience.

  • Can I edit the maps?
    All my maps are unprotected and as such you are free to open them, look at how they are done and edit for personal use only. It is forbidden however to republish my maps, modified or not, without my explicit consent.

  • Where can I find the AI scripts of the computer opponents in your maps?
    All my AI scripts are written in JASS and they use a customs set of advanced routines. You can find them in the map files (.ai extension) and they can be opened with any text editor (I do recommend Notepad++). You can also find them in this thread on Hive Workshop, alongside some AI scripts shared by other creators.

  • How can I support you?
    The preferred way to support the project is by joining the Patreon I opened up specifically for this project. Also, you can check out my YouTube channel and share this project and the channel as much as you can in forums, social media, etc. If you are a youtuber and want to showcase one of my campaigns, let me know so that I can include your footage in the appropriate campaign project's page showcases section. If you want to contribute with models, translations, voice-acting, bugs reports, design ideas and stuff like that you can join the project's Discord server. Finally, if you play one of my campaigns please leave a review in its page. Reviews are very important to me, both as recognition by the community and as a way to get constructive criticism.


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