Fall of Lordaeron

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Dec 13, 2017

The Second War has ended, the King Terenas Menethil II ordered to create internment camps to imprision the orcs, since his merciful rule couldnt allow a genocide. That decision caused Gilneas and Stromgarde leaving the Alliance, but the rest of them kept together. Antonidas, the ruler of Dalaran even tried to look for a cure for orcish illness, but he discovered it was spiritual and he couldnt help at all.

Everything seemed to be quiet... But chaos was coming. In Northrend, Ner'zhul, the Lich King, defeated the Nerubian in the War of the Spider, only remnants of their former empire remains, and now the Lich King looks to new targets: the Drakkari and the Alliance beyond the sea.

Kel'Thuzad, one of the members of the Council of Six who rule Dalaran, was found practicing necromancy, and Antonidas expeled him from the city. Eager for power and vengeance, Kel'Thuzad answered the call of Ner'zhul and traveled to Northrend to pledge his loyalty to the Lich King. Now, he has came back to Lordaeron and created a dark religion, the Cult of the Damned, among the hungry peasants of the realm.

The peasants are desperate due to the outcome of the Second War and quickly joint him. But it went better than what he could have ever imagined, some nobles were eager to betray the Light too. Alexei Barov, leader of the rich House Barov, supported Terenas when he ordered to jail the orcs, cause he thought he could use him as slave labor in his farms, but the king forbiding it, and now, Alexei has to see how he has to pay more and more taxes to feed those orcs. No orc should have more right than a human! Due to it, Lord Barov has sealed a pact with Kel'Thuzad, he would start an open rebelion agaisnt the king, allowing the cultists to hide in his settlements, in exchange of the trone of Lordaeron. This is the last time the Menethil joke on the Barov.

Meanwhile, those who caused all these problems: the orcs, have broke some camps and gathered under Orgrim Doomhammer. They attack the internment camp in Arathi and freed countless orcs, tough the brave guardians managed to kill the Warchief on the attack. But news came to Lordaeron, a young shaman of blue eyes have been rised as new Warchief, and he is encouraging the lazy orcs to and restoring their spirit and will. A new war is coming against the Horde.

But during the Second War, the Horde was formed not just by orcs, but also trolls. They left the Horde after the war cause they felt betrayed by the orcs when Guldan left the final siege, allowing the humans to win. And now they look for revenge, both agaisnt the humans and orcs, but also agaisnt the elves that stolen their home in first place. With the help of the Loa they will restore all their empires and kingdoms.

And from all those kingdoms, one was once the biggest and most important, the core of the global troll empire: the Zandalari. Now their land is broken and some dark cults start to appear. The humans of Kult Tiras are focused in denying the Horde access to sea, but other monsters lure in the dark, murlocs, naga, and faceless void creatures attack the islands and settlements of the trolls. And there are reports from the Drakkari of something similar pouring out of Ulduar, what is this darkness that even the undeads of Ner'Zhul are trying to fight?

Will the Alliance be able to defeat all those threats, or this will the time of the Fall of Lordaeron?

5 teams, 20 factions, unique units and skills, a map created using porgrams to copy the World of Warcraft map pixel by pixel into W3 (later adapted a bit to fit good gameplay of course), lore everywhere, a balance in units stats made with math programs, lots of events and a dinamic gameplay, economy balanced for different sides of teams... And even more!



Lordaeron Realm

The King Terenas II is the core of the Alliance, from the city of Lordaeron he rules the kingdom. Meanwhile, Alexandros Mograine, the Commander of Lordaeron, leads the armies to battle, probably agaisnt the orcs of the south, since Aedelas Blackmoore, Lord of Durnholde, has sent news about orcish raids...

Arthas' Frist Legion
While the king rules Lordaeron and take cares of the south, he has sent his son and heir, Arthas, to watch over the areas around Andorhal, since news about a plague has came to the capital. This is a speical mission for the prince and paladin, since is a proof for him, a proof about if he can help his people and be a good king, or fail terribly and fall into darkness.

Silver Hand Order
The Order of the Silver Hand is an order of paladins and knights, leaded by Saidan Datrohan and guided by Uther the Lightbringer, this fierce warriors will charge to battle to protect all the weak and needed of the realm. They already founded Tyr's Hand to protect the Eastweald from the orcish attack, and from their holy Holy places around all lordaeron they will ensure no threat corrupts this land.

The Eastweald

While the western part of Lordaeron is full of farms, the eastern one is a woodland, the peasants there are hunters and woodcutters, and their main wealth comes from trading. Due to this trading, the town of Coring's Crossing was founded, as it was a crossroad between Stratholme, Tyr's Hand and Andorhal. But there were also some petty nobles in this area, and among them Lord Blackwood was the only one who cared about the commonfolk, he was always ready to help others, and that was the reason why he sent his son, Gartihos, to help the elves during the Second War. But when Gartihos came back, he found his home burnt and his family killed, and owed to fight for mankind forever. From the elven lands came Nathanos Marris too, a farmer from the Eastweald that became Ranger General of Silvermoon. Together, rangers, militias, the blackwood and the holy men of the Eastweald guided by Alonsus Faol, they will all fight for their land.

Kingdom of Dalaran
Dalaran is an unique Kingdom, ruled by the Council of Six, this city is focused in magic. Here all kind of magic is studied, except dark ones. The city was founded long ago by the first humans who helped the elves to win the Troll Wars, and now they keep helping the Alliance agaisnt all threats. First stoping the orcish Horde, and now investigating about a magical plague that is affecting the North. The Crown prince of Quel'thalas, Kael'thas Sunstrider, is one of the Six, and he will help Antonidas to stop the Horde. Meanwhile, the old mage has ordered Jaina Proudmoore, the daughter of Daelin, Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, to track that evil afliction...


The Kingdom of Quel'thalas is ancient, but no so ancient as the Amani Empire. The elves had to fought against the trolls to earn a place to live, and have been fighting since then to protect it. They would have been defeated long ago if the humans wouldnt have saved them, and due to it they have an endless debt with the Alliance. Together, once again, humans and elves defeated the Horde, and with orcs and trolls defeated the elves thought they would have peace at last. But the Amani are fierce and tough, and there are reports of new attacks in the borders. If you have in mind that the Horde nearly destroyed the kingdom and burnt half of its forests, you could understand why the elves fear the trolls could finally strike Silvermoon.

Dwarven Clans

The Dwarves had a civil war long ago, it ended with the Bronzebeards ruling Ironforge and the Wildhammer in Grim Batol. But soon the war restarted, and the Dark Iron attacked again, corrupting Grim Batol and forcing the Wildhammer to fly to Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands and Kirthaven in Northeron. But it had also a good outcome, Bronzebeards and Wildhammer became friends once again, and when the Horde striked Khaz Modan, they fought together once again, and joint the Alliance to defeat their shared enemy. Now, the Dwarves will have to rise their hammers once again, for the Alliance!

Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Daelin Proudmoore, the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, is the ruler of his kingdom. He is the fiercest supporter of Terenas Menethill, and gave all his fleet to the Alliance during the Second War. Countless kultiran boats where sunk and even more men died in the war, but Daelin kept fighting those monsters, till his will and power endured, and the Alliance won the sea and the war. Now, he will ensure that no other beast puts a foot on the sea, and the tides continue being safe for the Alliance. But dark times approach for Daelin and his friend Cyrus Crestfall, since news of dark mosnters, trolls and orcs are being sent to Boralus. It looks like these veterans will have to sail again.


Dreadlord Forces

Nerzhul Vrykuls

Cult of the Damned

House Barov


Amani Empire
Drakkari Empire
Forest Trolls

The Horde

Froswolf Clan

Warsong Clan

FoL0.31 - Download - 4shared - Diego
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Dec 13, 2017
The map is REALLY advanced. We are already doing test games to check balance, events, skills, etc. You are welcome to join my discord to talk about the map, suggest ideads, join the test games and give feedback. There are already more than 20 betatesters and the guys are really cool and freindly.

Join us!

Join the Fall of Lordaeron Discord Server!
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Dec 13, 2017
Some quick pics:










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Dec 13, 2017
All the map has been already maped, but is continuosly being improved. As long as i have time to make it prettier while i code more events and stuff. All units are designed and implemented already, just checking upgrades and fixing some values according to the tests. The map is always evolving and you can be part of it. Join us!!

PD: I have lists with the creators of all the models i am using, once i have a final version i will give credits to all of them. Without their work this wouldnt be posible.
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Dec 13, 2017
Amani and forest trolls aren't the same?

Hi! In lore, the amani are forest trolls, but not all the forest trolls are amani. Ingame, the Amani Empire controls settlements in Zul Aman, meanwhile, the Forest Troll faction represents the Vilebranch and Witherbark troll tribes, wich are allied with the Boulderfist ogre clan, so they control areas in the Hinterlands and Arahi Highlands.

Both in lore and gameplay they are really different cultures and bases, also due to balance it was better to split them in 2 different faction, since their land are really distant and that way i keep factions power similar.

Btw, during the game development, the faction was called "Jintha'Alor Trolls", "Jintha'Alor and Shadra'Alor", "Vilebranch and Witherbark",... But those names were long and messy, so i decided to use the simple and direct: "Forest Trolls" XD.

But your comment shows you really know lore and you are interested on it, so i appreciate someone like you being around here. Im sure you will like this map then, its 100% lore accurated (well, maybe 99% due to balance reasons xD).

For example, Thrall and Grommash start with just 1 base each, and they need to use their armies to destroy the reamining internment camps to release more orcs and boost their horde. The CotD starts hided and safe in Scholomance, the alliance cant enter it for the first 20 mins (or till Kel'Thuzad leaves it), and meanwhile he will be plaguing the human farms to get income and spawn undeads, weakening the alliance. Jaina, Uther and Arthas have to travel all across lordaeron, looking for cultists and plagued grain to destroy them before they plague the land... Is really funny and inmersive, people really goes into it, is a "cat and mouse" game where strategy and mind trics matter. If the undeads manage to do it properly, they will get stronger and the plague, once released, will be more powerful. On the contrary, if the alliance uses properly their tools, they will denny the undeads and keeping the realm pure. Every game is different!

Other cool events are Alexandros going to Southshore to purify his Dark Orb and then going to forge the Ashbringer. House Barov launching Baron Rivendare Betrayal. CotD rising Naxxramas in Northrend or conquering Andorhal to send plagued grain to several human towns. Or Malganis (Dreadlord forces) infecting Stratholme to force the Alliance to purge it and start "a duel" for the city between undeads and the alliance.

And much more! As i see you know lore, if you have any suggestion for a new event or feature, i will appreciate you to share it. Dont be shy, come to the discord or post it here, you are welcome.

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Dec 13, 2017
Im glad you like it :)

Every faction and team is different and has an unique playstyle to fit every kind of player. If you want to go solo or with a friend, and be strong by your own: go horde/old gods. If you prefer to micro a small army, use powerful heroes and spells and coordinate with your allies: go alliance. If you want to use debuffs and weakening skills pick undeads or old gods, if you prefer to buff your army, pick alliance or horde. You want to roam around? Horde. You prefer to have unique points to protect in exchange of power? Trolls. You want worldwide effect stuff? Old Gods.

Every faction has different units, different skills, every single unit is used by a max or 2 factions, mostly 1. What gives a different playstyle for everyone. Also, factions are "specialized" in certain stuff, what makes that even if 2 factions share an units, one might improve it beyond the rest.

Also, the combat system is "easy to learn but hard to master". Units can have:
- Weapon: Basic, Piercing, Large, Magic, Siege.
- Armour: Light Small, Light Big, Heavy Small, Heavy Big, Unarmored and Built.

Basic deals normal dmg to everyone. So is the best option if you dont know what you will face. But is expensive "cost/effect", so is only trully useful agaisnt light small and unarmored units. Also, it can be blocked by certain shields and skills, like "Guard" and "Light Guard".
Magic is mostly used by casters. As Basic is good to dmg everyone but is expensive. Is the best attack to damage heroes, but untis can become invulnerable to it with certian skills and spells.
Piercing does double dmg to Heavy Small and Heavy Big. But you will waste a lot of money if u use it agaisnt any other kind of unit.
Large does doible dmg to Light Big and Heavy Big. But as it happened with Piercing, you will waste ur money if u use agaisnt any other type of armour.
Siege is only good agaisnt buildings, but having a siege unit in ur army will make the difference during a siege to a well protected city.

On the other hand, armours are self explained with the weapons, there is only "Unarmored" left, wich is a "Light Small" used by units with no armour or upgrades at all. Like casters or workers.

Summarizing. Every NEW player, will be able to quickly know what to recruit to win. They will just have to learn the 9 units of their army. If they see a giant abomination coming, they will instinctly know "is big and has no armour: LIGHT BIG!". So u recruit a unit with large weapon. Also, they may see "Ummm is wielding an axe, so is piercing", so they should recruit a unit with no heavy armour and large damage to completly outplay the Abomination, for example: "Drakkari Hunter" or "Drakkari Rider".

Here comes the PRO player. He could recruit a "drakkari hunter" or "Drakkari rider" to counter the abomination. But he looks the reast of the Cult of the Damned army: ghouls, necromancers, countless risen units... That means they can outnumber him, so he should use hunters, wich are squishy. On the contrary, the rider are tough, and use Big armour, and there is nothing in that CotD army with Large Weapon to counter Big Armour. So Drakkari Rider is the choice!

Other PRO decisions are "choosing the best combo", knowing all the available roster of the enemy. For example: Frostwolves rushing Durnholde with Grunts (Heavy Small, Piercing Weapon). The best counter is a not heavy, piercing unit, like Lordaeron Crossbowman. But if you spam Lordaeron Crossbowman, the Frostwolves can just spam Frostwolves, wich are fast, big and with basic damage, what will DESTROY your poor Crossbowman. So to protect your Crossbowman you could bring Speaman, wich kill the wolves, BUT are killed by the grunts, so maybe, the smartest option would be to use Lordaeron Knights, wich are sturdy with their Heavy Big and will always be a suitable frotnline agaisnt both Piercing and Large.

Countless options, different strategies, different gameplans, different enemies to face, endless fun :)
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Thanks man :)

Is hard work and time consuming, but i work on it whenever i can (and sometimes when i cant xD). Improvements keep coming, and the test games allow me to fix the stuff wich is not working properly. Thanks to the around 30 betatesters already in the discord wich are quite active ^^.

If you like the map, you are welcome to join them and "demmand me MOAR" xD.
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Dec 13, 2017
You are in the discord already. So just download it there in the channel "current-version". Also, whenever i relaese a new alpha version to test, i use to post it in the "general" channel and notify everyone. We just played a small test game, so you have 0.18 in the "current-version".
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Dec 13, 2017
More tests have been performed, the map is growing and taking form. There already lots of cool events: stratholme purge, battle of darrowshire, the fall of Andorhal, the founding of dun baldar... And much more to come. Also i have added custom and cool spells for all paladin heroes ingame: Tirion, Uther, Saidan, Gavinrad, Maxwell Tyrosus...

I will work now in some other heroes like Garithos or Nathanos, Thrall and Drekhat, and also to add more factions to our tests.

The community is always growing, but you are al welcome to join us in the discord and the tests. As i add more factions to them, more people is needed to have a proper testing.

Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
As u may notice looking at those pics, lots of new events have been added:
- Once Stratholme purge ends, Arthas can travel to Northrend looking for vengeance. Getting 1 base (Vengeance landing or Valgarde).
- The Dwarven Clans can launch the Explorers Expedition too, geting Muradin as hero and Baelgun's Site base.
- During Northrend Duel both Malganis and Arthas are unrevivable, and the duel ends when one of them dies.
- Arthas can pic up the frostmourne (if the uds allow him, since the shrine is deep in northrend), to get more power, but condemning his soul.
- If Arthas kills malganis without sword, he goes back safe to home and is empowered.
- If Arthas kills malganis with the sword, he goes alone into Northrend, just with Frostmourne... And Nerzhul gets him as hero. You can get Gavinrad the Dire to replace him.
- If Arthas is killed, nerzhul gets him too, u can get gavinrad too, BUT Malganis will stay alive forever (revivable).
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
I want to point out that tuskarr and taunka towns are just doddads to make the map prettier. They are unconquerable, simple creeps.
On the other hand, Utgarde Keep and Gjalerbron are conquerable, but they give no food. They are vrykul bases where slumbering vrykuls sleep and will be useful only for Nerzhul faction (to unlock King Ymiron for example).

More events to talk about:
- The alliance can conquer Wintergarde Keep (the important ud base Arthas conquered in W3 for some misions), getting a base there, is a nice strategy if u want to pic frostmourne.
- The Dwarven Clans can conquer old iron dwarf bases to make researches: Dun Argol and Thor Modan will become dwarven bases once alliance conquers them.
- The Alliance can rise 2 shared bases for dwarves and arthas: Fort Wildervar, a nice spot for mining operations. And Westguard Keep.

Other cool events and paths added are:
- SH can go "The Crusade" if Uther dies or the Purge has ended. Arthas disbanded the Order during the purge, and Alexandros and Others formed the crusade to fight the undeads. The Crusade upgrades your priestess.
- The crusade can recruit Isilien, the Gran Inquisitor, if Uther has died.
- Later, the Crusade can go zealous and fanatical, becoming "The Scarlet Crusade", upgrading all ur infantry into scarlet troops, and unlocking Renault Mograine (but Abbendis will die of old if he has been not killed yet).
- FL can call Tirion Fordring out of seclusion when Northrend Duel ends, he will restore the Silver Hand Oder (requires The Crusade to have happened).
- FL can go Argent Crusade after restoring the SH Order, if Argent Dawn has happened.

And more stuff:
- The Horde releasing the orcs in the interment camps have been improved.
- The Horde gets a reward if they unify all Arathi as was Thrall objective.
- The Horde gets a stronghold in Stromgarde whenever they conquer it.

And much more!
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Another one:

Alexei Barov, Lord of House Barov. (only starting hero of house barov)



(the tooltip is wrong, Blood Boil CD is 180 secs, as all T skills. Already fixed).







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Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Barov Rivendare, Lord of Stratholme. (House Barov can get him trough a research "Rivendare Betrayal" after some time of game, and can be a nice reinforcement to help Malganis during Stratholme purge event).









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Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Im hosting an early alpha test game to test events and balance at 19:00 (in 30 mins) more or less. We are already 5, i woul like to test with 10 factions so if anyone there wants to join us, u are welcome :)
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Awesome project
Im glad you like it ^^.

I have reworked Zul Aman to make it look more like "a city-state full of temples in the jungle", also improved quelthalas realm a bit, reworked Zul Mashar, fixed the bugs we found in the last test game and added some new skills and stuff. Summarizing, i want to test the game balance with all "old world" factions in, since is a big amount already i would appreciate u to join if u want to try it.

We will play around 20:00. I will post here any news about the game. If you want to join us, come to the discord or post here your name and faction u would like to play. I will post small opinions about factions in case is your first time testing the game and u are not sure of what to pic :)

Alliance (7/8):
Lordaeron Realm. Starts in western lordaeron. Fights Horde in the south while his allies covers tirisfal glades can clean Vandermar and Southsore first.
Arthas First Legion. Starts in center lordaeron. Arthas must track undeads and use his army to kill any undead spawn, special chain with Malganis that brings u to northrend.
Silver Hand Order. Starts in northrend Lordaeron. Should help in the south while Uther tracks undeads in Lordaeron.
Eastweald. Starts in Eastern Lordaeron. Has to cover the region from troll attacks, should try to help in aerie peak or to defeat undeads.
Dalaran. Starts in Hillsbrad Foothills and Silverpine. Must fight the horde while Jaina tracks undeads.
Quelthalas. Owns mostly all Eversong Woods and Burntlands, has double strenght as any other alliance kigndom at start. Must duel Amani and protect his magical barrier.
Dwarven Clans. Starts scattered: Aerie Peak, Dun Garok, Dun Modr and Kirthaven. You must try to join ur forces and fight the horde and Forest Trolls with the Alliance. Events brings u out of that southern hell to fight in Northrend.

Undeads (3/4):
Dreadlords Forces. COMPLEX. Starts with a base in Norhtrend where Tichondrius must creep while Malganis launches the event chain corrupting Lordaeron. Then fights in Northrend vs Arthas.
Cult of the Damned. COMPLEX. Starts with a hidden base in Scholomance and other in Icecrown, must conquer Azjol Nerub while using his acolytes to plague human farms to weaken their economy and get spawned undeads. After 10 mins can launch the plague and rise Naxxramas and other folating citadels to start an open war.
House Barov. Starts with scattered holdings, wich he will lose sooner or later. Should help CotD to conquer Andorhal or support Legion in Stratholme Purge, should resettle in Eastweald.

Trolls (2/4):
Amani. Starts in Zul Aman. Must duel Quelthalas, destroy the 3 runes and the big tree to be able to enter Silvermoon. You can conquer Zul Mashar or harass Eastweald.
Forest Trolls. HARD. Starts in the Hinterlands and Arathi highlands. Will surely lose his holdings in Arathi agaisnt Warsong, play wisely to backstab them when they fight the Alliance, rush Aerie Peak or harass Eastweald to join Amani.

Horde (2/2):
Frostwolf Clan. Starts in Alterac Mountains. Should rush to destroy the interment camps (conquer Southshore, Hillsbrad and Durnholde) to get reinforcements. Can be fucked if he is traped in the mountains, try to join Grom and his warsong Clan asap.
Warsong Clan. Starts in Hammerfall. Should rush to the west to unify all Arathi and help the Frostwolf in Hillsbrad, you could also attack the south to destroy dwarves or north to conquer the Forest Trolls.

PD: If i write "COMPLEX" is cause it uses events/triggers that affects other factions or ur whole team, so if u dont know them and dont launch them, u might fuck others or dont allow us to test related stuff (what is worse for me :D).

Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Very promising can't wait to play around with this :D

You are welcome to the discord if u want to play, we use to play 2-3 test games every week. There are still lots of stuff to add, but Lordaeron factions, are already coded with finished heroes and units, upgrades and events, is like 100% finished and we enjoy playing it.

Is good to have more people playing the test games cause i can balance better the map.

Sadly 1.31 patch has messed up some things, i will wait for a hotfix or something.

Level 6
Jul 8, 2018
You are welcome to the discord if u want to play, we use to play 2-3 test games every week. There are still lots of stuff to add, but Lordaeron factions, are already coded with finished heroes and units, upgrades and events, is like 100% finished and we enjoy playing it.

Is good to have more people playing the test games cause i can balance better the map.

Sadly 1.31 patch has messed up some things, i will wait for a hotfix or something.


Will definitely join then and get around to doing a test game once the internet is a bit better again.
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Im sorry guys but Blizzard broke the game with 1.31 patch. I wont be able to continue maping till they fix what they have just destroyed. Is imposible to save in WE cause it corrupts the strings (names and texts of everything) and they also fucked pathability (now mountains can be blighted so u can walk over them).

I have nothing to do with it and i cant fix it. Is how "the editor and game works". After 20 years of proper gaming they have decided to change how the game works and what kind of files it reads or how it reads them. Dont ask me why, some "wise" mind must have had the idea. But it ended with everything messed up and no working properly.

Once they fix the game or revert it to a previous version, i would be able to continue maping. I hope this is not a strategy to destroy W3 so everyone moves to reforged...
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
I have created a "Guide" to know wich factions are ingame, wich heroes or paths they have, and specially wich "Global Events" they will be involved in. Since people use to love Stratholme Purge or Northrend Duel, for example, or releasing the Orcs once they do it, but they suffer to learn what to do. I hope this manual could help you how the map works.

Also, is a nice help for newbies, since people with 1-2 games of exp had great advantage in the test games. Everyone learns what to do quickly, but if everyone can enjoy even their first game, i will be pleased :)

There is a lot of stuff missing of course, i will add it to the guide whenever people tells me "ey bro you missed this" xD. And also there is a lot of wip content that have been not added to the map or the guide yet. But is a good start.

It also has tips at the end of how the economy and combat of the map works, even if the map already has some tips about it ingame i wanted to make it clear to everyone, so no more people tells me ingame "ey how do i get gold?" jajaja.



  • FoL Guide 0.2.pdf
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Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
I have finished the Forsaken. Lets talk a bit about it:


This is Lordaeron Capital. The main base of Lordaeron Realm Faction. The faction starts with 3 heroes: Alexandros Mograine, Aedelas Blackmoore and King Terenas II. ALL of them are unrevivable, so you must be careful and play safely (if people is too fucked i might set Aedelas as revivable in future patches).

Lordaeron Realm main power base is in Tirisfal Glades, but there are a bunch of House Barov holdings there, you must quickly siege them and go South as fast as posible, or even leave the Barov alone and wait till your allies: First Legion or Silver Hand, destroys them and secure Tirisfal Glades. Your main warfront is in the South, around your base in Durnholde Keep, where Aedelas starts. You MUST stop the Horde in Hillsbrad Foothills or they may turn too powerful.

To deal with the Horde you will cooperate with your allies from Dalaran and the Dwarven Clans, and maybe even Silver Hand. Hopefully, the Forest Trolls will backstab the Horde too, but they might prefer to focus in attacking Eastweald. A thing is clear: your main land will be in danger, with your army in the South, the Undeads might attack Lordaeron Capital and try to conquer Tirisfal Glades. To avoid that, your allies should cover you there: Silver Hand or First Legion mainly.


At some point, Mal'ganis will launch the "Purge of Stratholme" event, and this great city, controled by 3 different factions, will be in danger. First Legion should hurry to defend and purge the city (as you may see, FL is supposed to be "the one agaisnt undeads") and Silver Hand may have to come too if FL is in danger (again, you can see also that SH role is "being the big guy who comes where he is needed, as in lore, SH is the great order of knights that defends the realm).

Easweald could come to help too, but he will be sureluy bussy dealing with Forest Trolls and even Barov/Scourge attacks in its homeland. So, as it happened in lore, this event (which im glad to see people loving ingame) will be a Mal'ganis vs Arthas duel, with maybe, the help of Uther and the SH.

Once this event is ended, either with victory of the Uds or the Alliance, FL and DC will be able to launch their expeditions to Northrend.


FL can choose Valgarde or Vengeance Landing as their Northrend base in Howling Fjord, ALL FL troops will be tped here, with Arthas leading them. If Alliance won the Stratholme Purge, Arthas will have his divine shield and the Dreadlords will be weaken, so he will be able to conquer Howling Fjord and grow strong. But if the UDs won the Stratholme Purge, Arthas (and Uther) would have lost their Divine Shields, making them vulnerable, also, Mal'ganis will have been buffed and he will have all the zombies he saved from Stratholme, what will make Arthas be in a dangerous position, being able to be rushed before he can build a strong base.

DC on the contrary, will always travel to Baelgun's Site, and they will get a new hero: Muradin Bronzebeard, and a reinforcement army. That means, they WONT leave the South, and they will keep their heroes and troops fighting there. But, of course, he might have to use his resources in the northrend fight to help arthas, making DC player to focus less on the southern fight.

That DC "mixed objectives", together with FL leaving the northren lordaeron fight to travel to Howling Fjord, will leave the alliance in a dangerous position for a while. With SH having to focus in the uds so they dont grow too strong in this lack of alliance power. This moment could be the best one to "Release the Plague" or try to conquer Andorhal... Also, the Horde could try to launch a massive attack to cross Thandol Span and take the South, or even try to conquer whole Hillsbrad and destroy Dalaran to secure the South.


But we are talking about Lordaeron Realm!! Once Arthas is figthing in Northrend, Terenas can send his army to scort his beloved son back to home... But Arthas wont accept that! His fate is to triumph or die in Northrend, he wont leave his people unavenged! Instead, Arthas will take these Lordaeron troops under his command, as reinforcement troops to defeat Mal'ganis. As Lordaeron, you may want to help your son and ally to defeat Mal'ganis, but if you are being harassed, maybe you will need those resources in the South.

There is another option, of course. If someone has managed to break trough Lordaeron Captail and kill Terenas, you wont be able to send the troops to Northrend!! So if the Uds of Lordaeron want to help Mal'ganis, they just need to kill the King, so the Prince is left alone. Btw, Terenas cant move, he is in his Throne Room and has long range skills to rule his realm and help his allies, and when he is killed, "Terenas Tomb" appears in his former spot.

Once "Northrend Duel" ends, if Terenas has been killed, the Lordaeron Realm Player can decided to turn Fallen Lordaeron. Without the King, all hope is lost, and from the ashes of the realm a new order will arise! You leave the Alliance, loses Alexandros and Aedelas if they were still alive, replace all your roster with undead units, joins the UD team and unlock 3 new heroes: Sylvanas, Nathanos and Alonsus Faol.

To get those new heroes, their living version must be killed first. That means, Lordaeron wont hurry to go ud, since he might end without heroes for a while. Also, those new heroes will be stronger depending on their living version strenght and Lordaeron starting heroes strenght, so Lordaeron player will fight FOR THE ALLIANCE as long and as hard as posible even if he wants to betray in the long term. Specially, since he must fight the Horde, and he will betray to join the UDs, so no mixed loyalties, the Alliance can trust him.


Once Lordaeron Realm has gone Fallen Lordaeron, he will try to conquer all Lordaeron, along with the Scourge and CotD. But, at some point, the Lich King might be weakened (to weaken the LK you must destroy the 4 Icecrown Obelisks). And when that event happens, Fallen Lordaeron can choose to turn "Forsaken", leaving the UD to join the Horde. Once you are Forsaken, if Sylvanas manages to conquer Lordaeron Capital, she can go to Terenas Tomb and turn it into an entrance to the Undercity. Getting Undercity as a new base for the Forsaken, which will have 2 entrances: Lordaeron Tomb and The Sewers.

Hope you like it ;)
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Im glad you like it ^^.

There have been several additions to the map:
- Improved starting tips for several factions to ensure they go to do what they should do and help newbies to know how their faction works.
- Added a timer to Stratholme Purge, if Malganis doesnt launch it in 30 mins, he would lose it. This will avoid people to slow the game and also prevents to fuck everyone of Legion disconects or trolls.
- Kelthuzad got all his skills finished.
- CotD gets Heigan once he releases the plague.
- Legion gets Varimathras (unrevivable) once Northrend duel ends.
- Now Arthas UD belongs to Barov (Scourge). He can call him once he dies in northrend, getting a base in northren tirisfal glades and arthas ud.
- House Barov now can choose where to spawn his initial army: Vandermar, Soutshore or Caer Darrow. To enable different strategies.
- Aedelas Blackmoore now is revivable as long as the Horde doesnt destroy the interment camp of Durnholde Keep.
- Terenas Menethil II now has skills to help his realm and his alliance from the throne.
- If Terenas is killed, his tomb spawns. Sylvanas can carve Undercity beneath Lordaeron Capital, the tomb becomes one entrance, the other being the sewers.
- Lordaeron army now is focused in the capital and Durnholde keep (no longer in the monastery) to ensure the player doesnt miss units.
- Enabled Fallen Lordaeron path for Lordaeron. Replaces all ur roster with uds. Loses your heroes but unlock Alonsus UD, Nathanos UD and Sylvanas UD.
- Antonidas now is revivable as long Dalaran doesnt fall.
- Dalaran can be destroyed now. Ruined Dalaran gives only 20 food, instead of the current 30.
- If Antonidas dies, Dalaran can call Rhonin Redhair.
- At lvl 10 Rhonin can restore Ruined Dalaran into New Dalaran, which gives 40 food. New Dalaran can fly and is instanced (as Naxxramas).
- Changed a bit the starting Dalaran roster according to complains.
- If Fallen Lordaeron happens, Dalaran can use Northgate Rebellion path to get worgen units and spawn some units in southern silverpine forest.
- If Blood elves go horde, Dalaran can use Silverpath Covenant to unlock a new building with 3 new elven units.
- Added 2 observatories in Fenris Isle and Hillsbrad Foothills. People can capture them and they allow u to see a wide area around them every certain mins.
- Improved Northrend Duel events.
- Now Valgarde and Vengeance Landing can be activated only one Arthas goes Northrend.
- First Legion now can use Argent Dawn path to get Maxwell Tyrosus.
- Eastweald can use Dwarven Reinforcements to get new a new building with dwarven units.
- If Fallen Lordaeron happens, Eastweald can go New Lordaeron, unlocking 3 new Lordaeron units.
- After Northrend Duel ends, Eastweald/New Lordaeron can go Alliance Resistance, losing Alonsus and Nathanos but getting Detheroc. Also replaces 3 units with undeads.
- Given new custom skills to Nathanos and Garithos.
- Garithos T can be used to conscript soldiers and resources from human bases. The bigger the base, the more he gets.
- Quelthalas can call for Halduron Brightwing whenever Sylvanas dies.
- If Silvermoon is destroyed, Anastieran becomes unrevivable.
- If Anasterian dies, Quelthalas can call Kael'thas Sunstrider.
- Kael can reform Quelthalas as Blood Elves. Upgrading all his units into Blood Elven units.
- Whenever Kael goes Quelthalas, Dalaran can call for Kalec to replace him.
- Whenever Forsaken happens, Blood elves can join the horde.
- BE Horde can use Sunreaver path to unlock a new building with 3 new units. Is the counterpart of Dalaran silver covenant.
- Added path blockers to Sunwell isle.
- Sunwell now has an area that regens hp of allies.
- UDs can use sunwell to ress Kelthuzad as an empowered Archlich. That will corrupt the Sunwell.
- Corrupted Sunwell has an aoe that deals damage to all living beings.
- BE can destroy the Sunwell after it is corrupted.
- Nerfed Orc reinfocements from the interment camps.
- Checked all the starting armies to give 14 to all factions but those with 50 food at start.
- Terenas now gives 20 food as Thrall and Grom. Lordaeron capital nerfed to 20 (from 30). So it gives 40-20 (with terenas dead)-50 (when undercity is created)
- Fixed some units not using the proper upgrades, like Elite Korkron.
- Added "Pray to the Loa" skill to 1 troll priest per faction. It slowly gives mana to the selected Loa temple.
- The Loa temples can use their mana to empower a troll worker into a mighty dire troll. This allow trolls to face powerful enemies using no gold.
- Some loa temples have special features, for example, forest troll ones can summon shadra spawns to protect the hinterlands.
- Fixed the swamped land behind Zul Aman Gate, it was supposed to be walkable.
- Changed Maisara Hills, now there are no murloc or coastline there. Zul Aman has only 3 entrances now.
- Silvermoon cant be attacked as long as the 3 runes and tashalah are not destroyed.
- Now all alliance, trolls and ud factions start with 8 workers and horde (and old gods when added) with 4.
- Moved Vanndar Stormpike and his army to Dun Modr so the dwarves have 2 strong armies: Aerie Peak and Dun Modr, each one with a hero. To face the horde properly.
- Changed a bit Stratholme Purge event, now houses are neutral so uds also auto attack them. Every house spawns at dead some zombies for Legion and some neutral hostile citiziens which will try to defend themselves from both corrupting undeads and purging alliance... They can be infected by the zombies to get more zombies.

Some of the stuff listed here is still WIP and unavailable ingame till more related stuff is also coded. And im sure i have missed a lot of other stuff that is already playable since im writing this from memory xD

Level 3
Dec 8, 2013
Hi, Elbadruhel, I know you from zo_Om's streams, I think.

The map looks interesting. But I have a few question.

1. Where can the map be downloaded? You did not post a link either on Hive, or on Warhaven, or on epicwar. Incredibly unfortunate. Am I supposed to join Discord? Ugh, I hate it.
2. How is an 8 faction Alliance supposed to be balanced against three other teams? It's 8v4v4v2v2!
3. How many units does a typical faction army field? Azeroth Wars, LTA/LTF/KTF and DAoW typically have 50+, up to 100. I heard the general sentiment that if LTA were remade this day, they would reduce it to manageable levels.
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
Hi everyone. After Blizzard bugs causing freezings and the came of summer, the map development was a bit delayed. But now we are back once again.

We have played a few games and we got no freezings.
Some minor bugs have been found and are being fixed.
Icecrown is nearly finished!! Storm Peaks too, what would leave nearly the whole map terraining finished!!

Nerzhul starts with 4 obelisks guarding the 4 gathes (as you can see in wow). Each of them is protected by one undead faction. To kill the LK you first need to weaken him, destroying the obelisks.
Icecrown has defenses built by the Legion when the LK landed on Azeroth. But it has not been fully corrupted yet. The minions of Nerzhul are choping the last trees of the area and the blight starts to taint the land, but some life still endures... Not for so long.
The LK is traped in his throne, but has some cool long rage spells to help his forces and allies. The undeads will be strong in Northrend.
There are 4 vrykul facilities: Halls of the Ancestors, Ymirheim, Gjalebron and Utgarde. Nerzhul can rise slumbering vrykuls on them, but he has also a special quest in them. Doing researches in all of them, the Queen Angerboda will be able to rise King Ymiron as hero for Nerzhul faction.
The Valkyrs can rise fallen vrykuls, turning them into Varguls (losers) or Ymirjars (winners).
Nerzhul faction starts weak and small, as CotD or Legion. But he can get a lot of power quickly, becoming a terrible enemy in late game. The Drakkari should try to push hard on early to avoid a combined force of Nerzhul and Legion sieging them.
Nerzhul can take the dragonshrines in the dragonblight to corrupt the magic and bones of the dragonflights and use their power to empower his own flight: the frost wyrms.

Any doubt or idea is welcome.

See you here and in my discord!
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
I can happily anounce Kul Tiras has been finally ended. I hope you all enjoy it :)


Western Drustvar. Corlaine is a rank 2 base.


Southern Drustvar. Gol Koval is a gold mine guarded by some creeps. There is a graveyard where uds will be able to rise troops. And Daelin's gate protect the only maritime entrance to tiragarde sound. If you destroy the gates you will be able to sail to the inner sea and threaten all kultiras with your navy.


Southern Tiragarde Sound. Freehold is a rank 1 city.


As most main cities, Boralus is a rank 3 city with 3 entrances: 2 bridges and 1 port. If you control Boralus, you will probably control whole Kultiras, since you can secure the shockpoints to move from south to north. If you control both Boralus and Daelin's gate, you will surely rule over the island.


Western Tiragarde Sound and Northren Drustvar. Anglepoint Wharf is a rank 1 city.


Western Stormsong Valley. Brennadam is a rank 1 city.


Eastern Stormsong Valley. The Shrine of the Storm is a rank 1 city.

Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
I have finished coding the demonic heroes: Mannoroth, Lord Kazzak, Tichondrius, Varimathras, Malganis, Detheroc and Dalvengyr. Everyone of them has custom cool skills which fits their lore and gameplay, i hope you enjoy playing with them.

Which one is your favourite?

Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
I updated the posts about Icecrown and Azjol nerub to reupload the pictures which were missing. Hope you like them.

I may upload Draktharon and Stormpeaks too soon.

The next patch will be 0.3 and is quite advanced, whit countless new events, skills, heroes, triggers... And hopefully, avoiding the disgusting "Freezing Bug" that Blizzard gave us with last w3 patches...
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
The version 0.31 has been released!

FoL0.31 - Download - 4shared - Diego

Now we have 15/17 factions already enabled and perfectly playable and balanced, with lots of unique heroes, events and units. The map has been greatly improved and updated, brining much more clarity, stability and fun for the players.

Every faction has now small tips at the start of the game to know what to do and if you need more info, you can check for it at f9. But I will do a summary of the factions goals here for those who have been disconnected from the map for too long:

Realm of Lordaeron
- Start with Terenas Menethil, Aedelas Blackmoore and Alexandros Mograine.
- You have to clean Vandermar from the treacherous Barov House and rush south to avoid the orcs taking the internment camps (Hillsbrad, Southshore and Durnholde).
- Terenas is unrevivable.
- Alexandros is unrevivable but he can create the powerful Ashbringer.
- Aedelas Blackmoore is revivable till you lose Durnholde Keep.
- You can send help to Arthas when he is in his Duel against Malganis in Northernd.
- If Terenas dies, after the Duel, you can betray, becoming Fallen Lordaeron, an UD faction former with the now undead habitants of Lordaeron.
- Fall Lordaeron can have Nathanos Marris, Sylvanas Windrunner, Alonsus Faol and Varimathras if their alive form dies (other factions owns them first).
- If the Lich King is weakened, Sylvanas can release them from his mind control, joining the Horde as Forsaken.
- Sylvanas can carve the Undercity under the royal throne room of Lordaeron Capital. Getting a new powerful base.

Arthas First Legion.
- Starts only with Arthas Menethil.
- You have to clean northern lordaeron from any undead presence, so avoid Kelthuzad and his cultits plaguing human farms, while you coordinate with the Silver Hand Order to launch a massive attack against Scholomance.
- Fight in the Purge of Stratholme event to avoid the city completly falling to the Undeads.
- After the Purge you can send Arthas and his men to Northrend to Duel against Malganis.
- If Arthas takes frostmourne (whatever if he wins or loses the duel) or if Arthas loses the duel, he will be turned into a Death Knight by the Lích King, so you will lose him. Instead, you will be able to call Gavinrad the Dire, one of the first paladins of Azeroth.
- If Silver hand goes The Crusade, you can restore the Silver Hand Order, obtaining Tirion Fordring.
- If The Crusade betrays, going zealous, you can get the support of Lord Maxwell Tyrosus and his Argent Dawn paladins.

Silver Hand Order.
- Starts with Uther in Stratholme and Saidan Datrohan in Tyr's Hand.
- Uther is unrevivable, so keep him alive as long as posible.
- You have to clean northern Lordaeron from any undead presence. So avoid the House Barov from expanding into the Eastward and treating your holdings.
- Conquer the Tirisfal Monastery to get a new base there.
- If Uther dies or the Stratholme Purge finishes, you can reform the Order as the Crusade. Unlocking 2 new heroes: Isilien and Abendis. They are unrevivable.
- You can betray, allowing Balnazzar to possess Saidan and turning you into the Scarlet Crusade, with new units available and w new heroes: Sally Whitmane and Renault Mograine.
- Isilien and Abendis scale with Uther, Sally can replace Isilien and Renault can replace Abendis. So the longer you manage to keep Uther alive, the stronger will be the rest of your heroes.

The Eastweald.
- Starts with Alonsus Fall in Stratholme, Othmar Garithos in Coring's Crossing and Nathanos Marris in Darrowshire.
- Nathanos and Alonsus are unrevivable.
- You are the Alliance faction with more mobility thanks to Garithos skills. So you should move to wherever you are needed or where do you think you could help more your team: to defend Quel'thalas from the Amani, to help to protect Aerie Peak from the Forest Trolls or to support the paladins attack against Scholomance. Cooperation is the goal to success for the Alliance.
- After Northrend Duel, Garithos can make a step forward as leader of Lordaeron, forming the Alliance Resistance. Unlocking new units.
- Once the resistance is former, you could ask the dwarves for help, unlocking dwarves units.
- If the Resistance is Formed and you have lost Nathanos or Alonsus (or both), you can call the Prince Kael'thas from Quelthalas to join you to protect Lordaeron.
- But if the alliance proves to be useless, you can betray, allowing Detheroc to mind control Garithos, kicking Kael from your lands and obtaining Detheroc and Varimatrhas as new heroes.
- If Varimathras is killed you can replace him with Dalvengyr.

- Starts with Anasterian Sunstrider in Silvermoon, Lorthemar Theron in Suncrown Village and Sylvanas Windrunner in Windrunner Spire.
- Anasterian will be revivable till Silvermoon is destroyed.
- Sylvanas is unrevivable.
- Silvermoon is protected by a magic shield called Bandinoriel, while the shield is up, the gates of the city won't fall. To protect this shield you must ensure the 3 elven runes in the forests or the great tree Tasalah is not chopped. If all these 4 main key points fall, the shield will too.
- The Sunwell boosts your troops in the eversong forests, but if it falls under the undeads, it will corrupt your people, so you should destroy it.
- If Anasterian dies, you can call the prince kael'thas from Dalaran.
- If Kael leaves Quelthalas looking for how to help his people, you can call the Grand Magister Rommath to replace him.
- Rommath can restore Silvermoon if he gets power enough.
- If Sylvanas is killed, you can call Halduron Brightwing to replace her.
- If the Alliance proves to be useless to keep your ancient kingdom sage, you can betray. Joining the Horde under the regency of Lorthemar Theron.

- Starts with Antonidas, Jaina Proudmoore and Kael at Dalaran.
- Antonidas is revivable till Dalaran is destroyed.
- You should rush to conquer Southshore to clean it from the treacherous house barov and then protect it and the other interment camps from the Horde.
- Antonidas is one of the only 2 heroes in game who can use teleport, if you manage to keep him alive, the Alliance will have a great tactical advantage.
- If Antonidas dies, you can call Rhonin Redhair to replace him.
- Rhonin can rise Dalaran from the ground if he becomes powerful enough. Turning it into a flying citadel.
- If the Alliance is weakened you can accept the help of your neighbors gilneans to upgrade your basic troops into worgens, beasts created by Arugal, an archmage of Dalaran who was trying to stop the undeads.

Dwarven Clans.
- Start with Vanndar Stormpike in Dun Modr and Falstad Wildhammer in Aerie Peak.
- You should try to hold in your starting bases as long as posible, even if you are going to be overrun by orcs and trolls, you could buy a great time for your teammates to push forward and come to help you.
- You get new bases when you conquer Alterac (for the Stormpike) and Grim Batol (for the Wildhammer). This also allows you to ask for reinforcements from this clans.
- With your reinforcements and allies help, you should endure enough till the Stratholme Purge ends. Then, you can launch the Expeditionary League to Northrend. That will give you Muradin Bronzebeard as new hero in the Howling Fjord, a dwarves army and a base.
- In Northrend you will get several bases by entering in the area, based on Lore.
- Muradin will spawn a base in every ancient dwarves settlement in Northrend and also will get a little boost to his power.

- Starts with Daelin Proudmoore in Boralus and Cyrus Crestfall in Corlain.
- You start with the safest starting position in game. With a good developed country and just a few rebels and creep to deal with. But Kultiras alone is doomed, you need to hurry to set sail to help the Alliance if you expect to win the game.
- You should conquer Freehold to get a base there and then embark your armies and sail to the Baraind's Bay to help the Alliance against the Horde.
- If you conquer Tol Dagor, Crestfall and Zuldare, you will spawn bases there and buff your heroes.
- You should use your naval superiority and your spawned bases in Cresfall and Zuldare, to control Baradin's Bay and help Dalaran, Lordaeron and Dwarves against the Horde in the south.
- You can disembark in Southshore to help against Barov and Frostwolf or try to conquer Stromgarde to have a great protected port city in the Hinterlands from where attack the Warsong. You could also land in the Wetlands and support the Dwarves to hold the narrow Thandol Span.

House Barov.
- Starts only with Alexei Barov in Scholomance.
- You should try to hold in your starting bases as long as posible. Since they will reward you with free troops and resources as long as you don't lose them.
- Use Alexei and his army to push into the Eastweald, to conquer Darrowshire and Corring's Crossing. You will receive bases there.
- Once your power grows in the east and those lands start to be called "The Plaguelands", you can gather more nobles to your cause, launching the Rivendare Betrayal event, to get Baron Rivendare as hero, an army in his town and get this for yourself.
- You should help Malganis during the Stratholme Purge Event, since if he wins, you will get a great base in Stratholme and the Plaguelands will be closer to fall under your full control.
- If you manage to kill the Lordaeron Commander: Alexandros Mograine, you could rise him as hero to boost your own faction.
- Also, if the Lordaeron Prince is corrupted in Northrend, you could call him and his now undead men to the northern coast of the Tirisfal Glades to assault his capital and turn Lordaeron in his knees.

Cult of the Damned.
- Starts with Kelthuzzad in Scholomance and Noth in Azjol Nerub.
- You should try to corrupt human farms with Kelthuzad and his acolytes to both weaken alliance economy and boost yours. Also, the zombies spawned will be really helpful to swarm the damned kingdom.
- Kelthuzad is unrevivable, so be careful while corrupted the realm and keep him hidden from big human armies. He has an orb of disguise to help him to scape.
- While you use Kelthuzad to corrupt lordaeron, you should use Noth to conquer and secure Azjol Nerub and its capital, Naxxramas. All the nerubian ziggurats can be risen and used as floating bases to invade foreigner lands. But Naxxramas is a massive Citadel which can transport armies inside it, ready to destroy any damned place where it finally lands.
- If you manage to conquer the Sunwell, you can corrupt it, turning Kelthuzad into a powerful Archlich (it will ress him) who will be empowered and revivable. And also turning the Sunwell energies into something dark that will hurt all the livings.
- You can release the Plague to get Heigan the Unclean.

Dreadlord Forces.
- Starts with Tichondrius in Drak'tharon and Malganis in Scholomance.
- You should use Malganis to plague Human Farms, turning them into Plague Cauldrons under your control, which will defend the area and could be used to launch small attacks into nearby enemy holdings.
- Malganis can use his basket (item) to collect infected grain from Plague Cauldrons (yours or CotD ones), once he has his basket full, he will get "Infected Grain" item. He can go inside Stratholme and use it, to infect the citizens with the Plague and launch the Stratholme Purge Event.
- If malganis wins the event, Uther and Arthas will lose their Divine Shields.
- After the Purge, Malganis will go to Northrend to prepare for the final duel against Arthas. If Malganis manages to kill him, he will be boosted and revivable forever.
- While Malganis is corrupting Lordaeron, you should use Tichondrius and his army to control Grizzly Hills and Howling Fjord, becoming strong for when Arthas lands there to fight you.
- Once the time comes, you can move tichondrius to Dalaran, and he can pick the Book of Medivh from the city (normal or ruined, is the same). With that book, he can summon the burning Legion, being buffed and obtaining Lord Kazzak as hero. Also unlocking new demonic units. But betraying the Undeads in the process.

- Starts with Zuljin, Daakara the invisible and ZulMarosh in Zul Amen.
- You should rush to destroy the elven holdings before they grow too powerful or get help from their allies. Try to focus in the Elven Spires, since once this noble holdings are destroyed, they won't be ever repaired, damaging the elven economy forever.
- Also, you will have to destroy the 3 elven runes and the great tree Tas'alah, to be able to attack the Silvermoon Gates.
- If you destroy Tas'alah, your workers will chop this massive tree giving a great boost to your wood resources.
- To win your endless war against the elves, you have the support of the Loa. You have 5 temples inside Zul Aman, your priests can pray on any of them to increase the power of the loa inside. And then, you could use the blessings of the Loa to: empower a troll worker into a fierce Dire Troll, boost one of your heroes stats or even, if you are desperate, sacrifice the Loa to use its blood as resource for your empire.

Forest Troll.
- Starts with Hexx at Shadra'alor and Maijin at Witherbark Tribe in the Arathi Highlands.
- You are a joint of minor troll clans and so your forces start scattered, so you should try to secure the whole hinterlands under your rule to have a safe home from grow strong.
- Also, to boost your troll army, you can seal a pact with the ogres. If you conquer any ogre stronghold, some of them will join to your army.
- As long as you control 1 ogre stronghold, you can also build ogre dens to recruit even more of those massive soldiers for your faction.
- Once you have conquered the 4 ogre strongholds (2 in arathi and 2 in altered), you could launch the event "The Great Ogre Army" to get even more ogres to boost your ranks.
- Apart from soldiers, you will also have the help of a Loa: Shadra, the Loa of Spiders. She is in the temple of Zul, and you can use your priests to increase her power. You can use her blessings to turn a troll worker into a Dire Troll, to summon her daughters inside the Hinterlands to defend it from your enemies, or even to call as hero to help you in battle.

Frostwolf Clan.
- Starts with Thrall and Drekthar in Frostwolf Village.
- You are hidden in a safe base in the mountains, but it can also be. a trap if the enemy surrounds you. You should rush to the south to conquer the internment camps (Hillsbrad, Southshore and Durnholde), with every camp you conquer, you will release more orcs who will join your ranks.
- Try to secure Alterac under your rule and push into Hillsbrad to destroy Dalaran while the Warsong protects your flank in Arathi. Cooperate with your teammate to achieve victory.
- You should conquer Alterac to get a new base and unlock a new unit.
- If you manage to travel to Northrend and conquer Icemist Village, you could seal an alliance with the taunka, unlocking 2 new units.

Warsong Clan.
- Starts with Grom Hellscream and Varok Saurfang in Hammerfall.
- You start with a strong hold in the eastern Arathi Highlands, but surrounded by enemies, you should expand as fast as posible to ensure your survival.
- Try to control whole Arathi Highlands under your power to get a resource boost for your faction.
- If you conquer Stromgarde, you will spawn a base there.
- If you conquer Grim Batol, you will get a base there.
- If Thrall proves to be weak, once the Legion is summoned, you could betray the Horde, drinking the blood of Mannoroth and becoming Fel Horde. Boosting your units and getting Mannoroth as new hero.
- If you are Fel Horde you can conquer Alterac to get a base there, from the remaining Blackrock orcs who were hidden them, still loyal to the legion.
- Once you have conquered Alterac you can call Jubeithos as hero.
- Mannoroth can corrupt the 2 life fountains in the map, turning them into Fel Fountains and boosting himself. Once he has corrupted both, he will get a new powerful skill.

I hope you enjoy the map, and don't doubt to ask me any doubt or share any comment. Im waiting for you in my discord!
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Dec 13, 2017
There is going to be an organized Game today at 19 CET to enjoy the new version. If you want to try It and play with some people that love the map as you and have a good time together, dont doubt to join It.

There are still some spots left, so choose your favourite faction and prepare for the Fall of Lordaeron.