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Exporting a Model?

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Level 2
Jul 12, 2005
i have milkshape and gmax

i have tried using DeX 0.185m, DeX 0.62 and MAXScript MDX Importer/Exporter v2.0...

with the first dex, all i get is header information...

with the second dex, i get this error:

--Compile error: no oute local variable refernces permitted here OutputMDLEventObjects
--In LIne: OutputMDLEventObjects()

with the importer/exporter, simply nothing happens...

could someone please provide a means of exporting from the above mentioned programs to .mdl or .mdx format... something that is verified and is knowng to currently work please... providing of files/links to files/etc would be very nice... i can also provide you with an email address to send scripts to... thanks much for any help.
Not open for further replies.