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Exactly how do I use a custom skin?

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Level 5
May 10, 2009
I've read most of the stuff on this website, and it doesn't seem to help very much, i've read tutorials, how to use skins, etc... but I don't understand how to exactly use a skin I want to use.
Say I want to use...Sub Zero(demon hunter), how do I go about doing that?
I have the warcraft3 viewer and warcraft3 file converter, but how do you use the specific skin with the model?
Level 2
May 11, 2009
To use a skin with a model you need to:

A) Convert the skin into .blp format (If it isn't already).

B) Set the texture path in the model with whatever tool you have for
Editing .mdx files. Remember this path for step C
(I'm on a mac so i use a hex-editor for this step).

C) Put the model + skin in the appropriate locations.
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