Eternal Realms Studios RECRUITING !!! :D

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Jul 25, 2007
Eternal Realms Studios

Hello everybody,

Eternal Realms Studios is something new i started in hope of great success.
If you ever read any book from Forgotten Realms series that you know what im talking about here, if not, let me explain a bit. Forgotten Realms is series of books and games all based on the same lore and are HUUUGE ( 50+ books and many games , trading card games etc etc ...).
Thats what im planing with Eternal Realms. We will make many maps, campaigns and mini games all based of of same lore. Right now im making an AoS thats half way trough and will be done soon. But after that i have a campaign in mind ( and some of it on paper :)), actually bunch of campaigns but 1 for starters and i have an idea for the second. And after those comes an ORPG which will have a save load code that will work on multiple maps so its gonna be HUUUUUGGGEEEE !!!

So were recruiting :)
Anyone with decent knowledge of anything is eligible:)

Current Project(s):
[AoS] Eternal War of the Tribes (aka. EWoT)(Other link on Hive)

Currently we have :
Story/Lore Writer: Obucke
JASS scripters: Tukki
GUI triggerer:StasCraft
Terrainers: HermanTheGibbon
Voice Actors: Obucke, HermanTheGibbon, StasCraft

Currently we need :
Some1 who is VERY good with cinematics VERY !
Some1 who knows how to make a website.

Currently we dont need :

We need everything we can get :)
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