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Escape from Hell 0.03c map project

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by biHmapmaker, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. biHmapmaker


    Oct 10, 2009
    So, after awhile, I've returned to WC3 map making and decided to start where I took off - on this map.

    Escape from Hell is all that its name states: your job is to escape from Hell, fighting your way through 9 main bosses. The game has 4 heroes and none is entirely complete.


    Four greatest Heaven champions have been betrayed by what they believed in most. They were cast away into the depths of forsaken, far from sight of beloved and known. It is up to them to unite their strength, return to heaven and recover their honor and face their doom-maker.
    It is up to them to pass through 9 circles of hell, fight 8 greatest hell champions and their creator: Lucifer.


    Gameplay is much alike any other RPG. You pick one of 4 heroes and enroll on your journey. Your task is to pass through 9 dungeons while killing endless waves of hell spawns and their leaders. There are 9 main bosses and I plan on adding around 20 side bosses (2 are already implanted). You have 3 lives and you gather items that minions and bosses drop.
    Each hero has 5 abilities and can level up them to level 4 with last one (ultimate) up to level 5. Level cap is 50. Shortcuts of spells are simple: Q,W,E,R,F and most of them are custom made.


    Judgementor, the Heavengate Keeper (Melee fighter)
    Main att. : Agility - 25+2.6
    Secondary att. : Strength 19+2.0

    [Q] - Immortalty - Judgementor becomes invulnerable for 8 seconds. Upon activating spell, he regenerates some HP but is unable to move for 4 seconds.
    [W] - Roar of Justice - Judgementor unleashes his strength, damaging units around him and knocking them back.
    [E] - Lighting Rush - Judgementor teleports to target location, damaging units in small AOE around him. Damages also himself.
    [R] - Lighting Aura - Increases the movement speed and attack rate of Judgementor.
    [F] /ultimate/ - Final Judge - Judgementor slams the ground, causing lighting earthquake, making all units around him unmoveable for 3 seconds and deals damage.


    Starting HP : 530
    Starting Mana : 165
    Base Damage : 46-68
    Starting movespeed : 300
    Base Armor : 6
    Strength : 19+2.0
    Agility : 25+2.6
    Intelligence : 11+1.2


    Alamra, the Lighten One (Range magi - damage)
    Main att. : Intelligence - 29 + 4.0

    [Q] - Storm of Holiness - Calls down Storm of Holiness, damaging enemy units in AOE and Healing random ally unit in same AOE.
    [W] - Storm of Justice - Sends a horde of lighting, damging all enemy units in front of Alamra. Also, Alamra heals him self for small amout of damage.
    [E] - Enthropic Aura - Gives a chance to block damage, and restore mana.
    [R] - Lighting Death - Damages enemy units in small AoE by % of its base hit points per second.
    [F] - Forseeing Light - Alamra calls Heaven spirits that will damage nearby enemy units every second, and store that damage to heal Alamra. |n|nLast 15/30 seconds.


    Starting HP : 401
    Starting Mana : 435
    Base Damage : 30-37
    Starting movespeed : 280
    Base Armor : 1
    Strength : 16+1.3
    Agility : 10+1.0
    Intelligence : 29+5


    Heina, Priest of Heaven (Supporter, healer)
    Main att. : Intelligence 27 + 3.5
    Secondary att. : Strength 20 + 2.00

    [Q] - Holy Dimension - Heina creates holy energy that heals nearby allies every second for 10 seconds.
    [W] - Light the Night - Heina uses her power of light to return life to the allies, healing them by huge amount of damage. Passive : Heina has a chance to block damage and restore mana.
    [E] - Restoration Aura - Gives bonus HP regeneration to nearby ally units.
    [R] - Inner Holiness - Increases friendly target unit's armor, damage and HP regeneration. Last 9 seconds.
    [F] - Storm of Light - Heina calls down Storm of Light that damages nearby enemy units and heals nearby allies. Last 8 seconds.


    Starting HP : 575
    Starting Mana : 605
    Base Damage : 42-48
    Starting movespeed : 275
    Base Armor : 1
    Strength : 20+2.0
    Agility : 9+1.0
    Intelligence : 27+3.5


    Elevendor, The God's right hand (Tank, damage)

    Still in creation progress (though available for tryout)


    Main Features

    - Huge custom created map with 9 different dungeons to fight thourgh.
    - 4 full custom heroes with custom abilities.
    - 9 main bosses with scripted fights and challenging at the same time
    - Hidden secrets all over map
    - Custom items
    - Full storyline for each hero (coming soon)
    - And much, much more !
    - Tons of different systems to make gameplay much better (I didn't put all system in map, few are on test period)



    Models : Amigurumi, General Frank, GreyArchon, Skizzik, Sellenisko, Kimberly, Daelin, Judash137, JetfangInferno, Ket, Anachron

    Systems :
    Alternative Inventory : D4RK_G4ND4LF
    Knockback : Paladon
    Item Stacking : white_mouse
    Hero selection : Forgotten_Warlord
    Experience System : Forgotten_Warlord
    Damage Detect system : Forgotten_Warlord
    Other : biHmapmaker

    Icons : Mr.Goblin, Bogrim, Palaslayer, Darkfang, kola, Roflcoptor, bigapple90, KelThuzad, Static, Elainiel, bigapple90, OgeRfaCes, KeLeNoR, M0rbid, viiva, 4eNNightmare

    Spells : MortAr,[Enthropic Aura]


    I will add screenshots somewhere in near future.



    1. - Circle of Hopeless people. They don't suffer, but they don't enjoy neither. Level 1-6 units.

    2. - Circle of adulterers, circle of people who betrayed beloved ones. Level 8-12 units.

    3. - Circle of voracious people, people who ate more than they needed, so others didn't have. Level 13-19 units (will be the biggest dungeon)

    4. - Circle of stingnies and people who wasted their goods. Level 20-27 units.

    5. - Circle of angry ones. People whos hearts were filled with anger, without love and understanding. Level 28-34 units.

    6. - Circle of sinners, those who believed in something else but one God. Level 35-40 units.

    7. - Circle of villans, people who killed weaker and unprotected. Level 40-45 units.

    8. - Circle of betrayes and people who you can't trust. Level 46-49 units.

    9. - Circle of father of all demons: Lucifer. (final boss). Level 50 unit.

    Map is still in really early stage with only 1 boss fully scripted and steady for fight. You can take a quick look by yourself or with your friends and leave comment or suggestion of any kind. I'll work on map daily and will try to improve it as quickly and greatly as possible.

    I'm firm believer in open-source maps and therefore this and all my future maps will be available to open and edit through Wacraft Editor.

    Attached Files: