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Escape From Colditz

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Level 5
Dec 10, 2007
Created by LightTempler

A remake of an old classic Commodore Amiga game.



You are one of 8 prisoners held at Castle Colditz, A WWII POW Camp, planning to make an escape. Waking up in a prison cell with just a lockpick, you make your way deeper into the heart of Castle Colditz acquireing items along the way.

Prisoners must be cautious in the Castle, because if found in a restricted area, the Guards will not hesitate to arrest you and throw you in solitary confinement or worse.


Each prisoner is of a different nationality, which means if caught in a different nationalities quarters means solitary confinement.

Open access areas are found all over the castle, including the courtyards. In the daytime, prisoners are free to roam through these areas without question for their daily exercise. But at night however, the watchful guard will arrest any prisoners caught in these areas and put them in solitary confinement.

Prisoners have a sprint ability to run away from danger, such as avoiding solitary confinement and shooting guards. When a prisoners energy is depleted they can go back to their prison cell's bed to catch up on necessary sleep. Their prison cell also contains a chest to hold any items they want (maximum of 6 items at a time).

Being sent to solitary confinement means being in a small locked room (security level 2) with all items confiscated for a period of time. It is possible to break into these cells by other prison mates working together.

Their are many tunnels below castle colditz which can be accessed via the pickaxe or saw (depending inside or outside). Whilst in these tunnels, a prisoner should carry a candle to see in these dark caverns.


Item Checklist:
Lockpick - Found nearly everywhere in the castle colditz. Used for opening 'Low Security' doors.
Pickup Stack Size - 2

Security Key Grade One - Not as common as a lockpick, but still very useful. Used for opening 'Grade One' security doors.
Pickup Stack Size - 1

Security Key Grade Two - Very rare and grants access to restricted area's. Used for opening 'Grade Two' security doors.
Pickup Stack Size - 1

Stone - Used to distract a guards attention by stunning them for a few short seconds to slip past unnoticed.
Pickup Stack Size - 5

Papers - To escape castle colditz, papers are required to open the passing gate to freedom.
Pickup Stack Size - 1

Guard's Uniform - Perfect disguise to fool the common guard, but be careful if a guard asks for a pass and you dont have one in your possession you will be sent to solitary confinement.
Pickup Stack Size - 1. Cannot be stacked.

Prisoner's uniform - Change back into prisoners clothing when wearing a guard's uniform. Cannot be dropped.
Pickup Stack Size - Cannot be picked up.

Pass - Used to identify yourself that you are a guard. However if a guard asks for a pass, you will need to hand it over.
Pickup Stack Size - 3

Rifle - A guards best friend and accessory. Can only be used whilst in a guards uniform.
Pickup Stack Size - 1. Cannot be stacked.

Saw - Used to access tunnels within the castle walls. A discoloration of the floorboards reveal where to use a saw.
Pickup Stack Size - 1. Cannot be stacked.

Pickaxe - Used to dig outside of the castle into existing tunnels. A rough dirt patch reveals where a pickaxe can be used.
Pickup Stack Size - 1. Cannot be stacked.

Candle - Going into a dark tunnel via the saw or pickaxe can be quite hard if you cant see anything. A candle can light the way of your dark journey. If caught without a candle, blindness is applied to the prisoner causing them to move dramatically slower in the darkness and their visibility diminished.
Pickup Stack Size - 1

Shovel - Used to dig out of a tunnel underground.
Pickup Stack Size - 1. Cannot be stacked.

Terrain - 80% completed.
Triggers - 60% completed.
Items - 100% completed.

Currently searching for experienced triggerers (GUI or JASS) to help finish this map. Other idea's and concepts are also welcomed. Any help towards this map will result in +rep and their name added to the credits. Will be searching for testers as soon as this map is completed.

Current Trigger difficulties can be found in these threads if any help can be given, would be very much appreciated.
[GUI] - http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50917
 - [url]http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51877[/url]
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Level 13
May 24, 2005
I really appreciate oldschool games. Even today, I get lost in the 2d-flavoured gfx of classic adventures and such..
(Offtopic: For example this is a good site to get high quality user-made adventures in good old lucas arts style: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/)

Well, a fact I dislike in all wc3-based remakes of old games is, that the typical wc3 look can't really re-create the original flair of the real classic games.

Anyway the concept is very interesting!

My suggested approach would be a more free remake.
What do I mean by this?
In fact I'd say it's very hard to get the atmosphere of a wc3 map near to the flair of the original game. So you should use the advantages of wc3.

For example, I would try using the more interesting dungeon tileset, some black or red fog for atmosphere, torches, skulls etc. to get a cool setting. By going this way, you can create an atmospheric and cool scenario. Then you apply the gameplay and story of the EFC game to it.
So it's not an exact remake, but a free remake based on the original game, because creating a really believable and cool WWII atmosphere on wc3 would be nearly impossible to do or real pain the ass using tons of custom doodands and such.

As always, these are just suggestions and you're making the choice.

The most important part should be the gameplay what sounds to be fun already.
The look can always be adjusted later, also I'd offer some help in that point.
Level 5
Dec 10, 2007
Hey, I was thinking of using the Dungeon Tileset but wasnt sure i could get the woodern floorboards effect to "saw" through to the underground (Not that the current stone looks like floorboards lol). But im open for ideas. If u want, you can join the team. What specialty could you offer?

EDIT - Just changed the tileset, and as you said looks so much more awesome. Cheers for the tip.
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