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Ered'Ruin - Doomlord

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Ered'Ruin - Doomlord
"Your world will die, mortals! Your doom is now at hand!"

Doomlords are a particularly powerful type of doomguard that serve as the elites and the leaders of the Ered'ruin.
Unlike many demon leaders, who tend to stay behind the lines and direct their minions against a foe, Doomlords love nothing more than to wade right into the heat of battle.
There, they shatter formations with their abilities while laying waste to individuals with their mighty hammer.
And there they revel in an orgy of destruction until the battle is over.

This model is based on the Hammer Doom Guard uploaded by Retera. Thanks to him for digging up this model!

Ered'Ruin - Doomlord (Model)

Ered'Ruin - Doomlord (Icon) (Icon)

Ered'Ruin - Doomlord (Portrait) (Model)

Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
Oh bloody hell this is really perfect!

Would be so awesome for even a Doom Lord Hero to control his minions and what not...