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[Aeon of Strife] Eredar Wars

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Level 13
Mar 21, 2014
Myo Sett here! Well I stop making DotA 2 for wc3 because creater of DotA 2 model is being inactive. So I develope new map.
[rainbow]Eredar Wars[/rainbow]

Map Description
Well you know what is DotA. And may know Shadow Demon (In v6.72). In this map, there are 7 elemental of Eredar. Fire, Frost, Shadow, Poison, Wind, Death, Earth and Holy. Each has their own spells. Fight with your own elemental Eredar and destroy enemy's black citadel.
Map Features
  • Control between 7 elements
  • Demolish and shows off your spell on enemies's heroes!
  • Challenge the mighty Overlord with his powerful servents!
  • This also features custom spells pick system
Gameplay Screenshots
Will uploaded later
Game Modes
  1. -lod = Custom spell pick mode = Players can pick each skills from every eredar. Limited to 5
  2. -ar = All Random = Give you random element.
  3. -roc = Rage of creeps = spawn 2x creeps spawn wave every 1 min.
  4. -tft = The Frozen Throphies = Players will not get gold every second. But give more gold when kills a hero
This map is in WIP and need some helper for this map. So I will leave a thread at Project Recuitment. Pls!
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