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Enemy with full shared control (how to trigger that??)

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Level 4
Apr 26, 2011
Hi! I am like foreveralone.jpg - i have no friends (except bro) and i can't host (cos of problemz with public IP)
So i make maps with campaing-style where i can fully control all players (they're not AI).

But wait, undead must be allies... Lich can't be versus undead forces!
So i made this trigger:

It changes relationship only between purp + green... so they're now allies and i can control them.
Hold on, main troubles are coming :ogre_hurrhurr:
I made a map where are 2 teams... if slot status of Player 6 = empty, then allow player 1 to fully-share controlls with Player 6, but PLAYER 6 MUST BE STILL UNALLY WITH PLAYER 1
Can you help me how to do this? +rep
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
Have it so that Player 6 is already treating player 1 as an Enemy with full shared control as you have above.

Then do a trigger

Event: Map ini
Condition: Player 6 = to playing
Actioin: Set player 6 as enemy of player 1
Thus removing shared control etc


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
Just use as action
  • Player - Make Player 6 (orange) treat Player 1 (Red) as an Ally with shared vision and fully shared unit control
If you dont use the same action (but with swaped players so now player oe treats ...) only the first mentioned player will give ally. The second one still treats him as a enemy without and igves him no vision and control.
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