control neutral player

Level 1
Jan 23, 2009
ok pls help me
i have my map
1-4 players
1 neutral player (player11)
player 12 me (as game director)

players 1-4 are allied.. they are my friends
player 11 is neutral player. i already trigerred ally 11 with 12 so i can use player 11 units as director of game

the problem is how to make player 11 (neutral) allied with player1-4 without let the players control the units.
when i ally player 11 with players 1-4 and start game, player 1 takes control of player 11 units cause system dont detect player 11 and give control to units...

and if i dont ally player11 he acts like an enemy when player1-4 is near...

some suggestion?

ill explain again...

Player 1 (my friend)
Player 11 (Non players units)
Player 12 (me)

so i want control units from player 11. These units must be allied with player 1 (they dont attack) but they must have no shared vision or share control...

really cant get this... HELP!!!!!!