Enemy units not casting spells

Level 3
Dec 20, 2007
I feel like an idiot for having to ask this, but I'm having problems where computer controlled units are not casting the spells I gave them. For example, I gave an ogre mage rejuvination and polymorph (both unmodified) and set rejuvination to the default active ability. They have enough mana to cast the spells, but they never do. Also, the computer is set to player 12, if that helps.
Level 24
May 9, 2007
No, no no.

To make a unit cast spell you have to use custom triggers.
For the "defualt active ability" is just what autocast ability is activated to start.

make a trigger something like this.

Unit attacks:

Order unit (attacking unit) to polymorph triggering unit.

This will make it so that whenever it is cooled down it cast the abilty.

For more detials look at the AI section.