Empire Halberdiers

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Just a model i have created due to boredrom.
Empire Halberdier from warhammer fantasy.
Will upload spearmen and hangunner later.

Empire Halberdiers (Model)

General Frank
Death sound does not fit the model. Demon blood event object does not fit either.
heh just right now when herrdave is posting his own warhammer imperial models

This one however had some bad wrapping and texture choice. Especially team color, for such big team color area and parts you may want to use some cloth with team color like spellbreaker, marketplace etc, the unshaded plain team color is way too unrealistic. Halberd texture is really bad, you could use various spear textures and axe texture (like grunt) for the axe part of the weapon. Helmet is horrible, from afar it looks like he has hair in front. You may model a better shape and make the texture not so stretched.