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Well, i was working on another model of mine which was going to use some parts from the Medivh model. When i saw the texture part of the Medivh's stuff, i suddenly got the idea of using it for a bow. A simple bow, yet with enough decorations to indicate to which race it belongs. I just used a part of Medivh's stave (ready-made), reskinned it and then added a few self-made supplementaries to it. After this, i "recurved" it into a bow.
This elven composite bow is especially favored by Elven, Blood Elf and Night Elf precision archers, rangers and special guards. It has a slightly bigger range than most standard bows and also has a much better penetration power, therefor causing more damage and allowing preciser shots from longer distances. Weighing on the other hand is the fact that this bow isn't rly suiteable for the novice or trainee archer. It needs considerably more strength to "arm" it and also some experience in aiming. This is the main reason why this weapon is only used from special forces or heroes, but among these forces, the bow is extremely widespread in most elven races. Here and then it's being used from humans too, although humans usually favor crossbows rather than bows. Experienced hunters and trappers of every race, who have travelled through elven teritories often carry these bows as well, unless they prefer other weapons or find something better.

by downloading this ressource you receive 2 models: the actual model is the attachment version and the portrait file. The portrait file (should be named ''ElvenRangerBowItem_portrait'' or so) isn't a real portrait, it's just the item version for it. It should be imported as ElvenRangerBowItem.mdx, not with the ending _portrait.mdx. Additionally, the attachment has intentionally no rope. In my first version it had a rope but the problem was that it if attached, it stayed static (i.e. it was inanimate, not moving @ all). Therefor i removed it for allowing the user to attach it without problem to any model. The model that uses this bow (in Warcraft 3 World Editor) should have an animated rope but not a bow from itself (example: for attaching this bow properly to the Nightelf Archer, remove in MDLVIS or other handy program the bow, but leave the rope, import the "new" archer and the bow and attach the bow with triggers in World Editor to her). The bow has been made to fit archer units of the size of the (Night Elf) Archer model.

Feel free to use both models in any imaginable way, including editing, if desired. No need to ask me for permission. Have fun with them! :wink:

bow, elven bow, wooden bow, elven weapon, ranged, ranger, archer, archery

EDIT 1: though approved in the past, i decided to update the model so that it fits into the New Hive's rules. It now has a death anim. At the end of the death anim it disappears. I intentionally made the death anim be nearly as long as the death plus dissipate anim from heroes, so that it doesn't disappear akwardly during the wielder's death.

Elven Ranger Bow (Icon)

ElvenRangerBow (Model)

ElvenRangerBow (Model)

02:15, 26th Oct 2013 Kwaliti: Neat and useful.
Perfect use of textures. Very Great and the best weapon ever.:goblin_good_job:
thx a lot :ogre_hurrhurr:

The rope looks a bit too thick. It's thicker than the bow...
From screenie or model (item version)? The attachment has no rope for the reason mentioned in the discription. :wink:Besides, it's much thinner than the rope from the Archer model ^^