Elven Bazaar

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Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to introduce new bilding for high elves and highborne. It took me much longer to make it than I expected, but it's finaly ready. I had no idea how to call it , but I use it as a shop building. Comes in three versions - high elf, highborne and highborne with night elf birth and death animations. Hope you like it :-D.

High Elven Bazaar (Model)

Highborne Bazaar (Model)

Highborne Bazaar (Night Elf birth and death anims) (Model)

Moderator Comment:
A rather simple set of buildings, which are of decent quality. I ask myself if some design decisions are good, as the heavy rock material at the top beams, or the flipped-over-a-bunch-of-times textures at the walls at the bottom. You might want to choose something with more definition. Eventhough, they're useful, and work correctly in-game, so approved.