Elemental Grove (Gnoll)

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Ujimasa Hojo Presents

Elemental Grove (Gnoll)
Edited by Ujimasa Hojo

Elemental Grove (Gnoll) Info:
  • Made a reskinned version of Mephestrial's Gnoll Elemental Grove. Uses in-game textures more suited with the Lordaeron Summer tileset.

  • Uploaded.

  • Reworked the texture wrapping especially the Team Color.

Axis of Awful, Spellcaster

Author's Notes and Trivia:
  • Optimized models have built-in portrait animations, fixed bugs (if there were any), additional animation (if applicable). These can be used to serve as a template for alternative skins if you want to keep the original skin and model.
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Elemental Grove (Gnoll) (Model)

Elemental Grove (Gnoll) Button (Icon)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section.
Moderation Comment:

Although the model works in-game, it is really a bringdown how it looks like a geomerge in the rough. A firepit, two monoliths in different scales, a crater, a doodad tree, all mashed up, clipping through, and conflicting color tones, resolutions, mesh definitions, etc. - the result of all this isn't very appealing.
One thing that is hardly effective is using doodad trees in a building model. If you check MPQ buildings that feature vegetation, as the Ancient of Elders, they use softer, more appropriate textures and meshes. Using in-game trees is even confusing in the gameplay.
Despite the complaints, it is an interesting idea, and as a gnoll building, an useful piece, therefore it's worth tinkering with it to improve it. Awaiting update. If anything, you can contact me.