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[General] Editor not sees customs in requirements

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Level 4
Oct 26, 2013

Title says it all. I recently started to remade my custom race techtree from scratch. I based my new structures and upgrades on Undead ones (what I did is that I removed from them Blight-only building only and Undead category). I planned to make standard Tier 2 requirement of Tier 2 townhall in my spellcasting producing facility - but WEditor seems unable to detect my custom Tier 2 hall... It also seems not to see my new upgrade when I try to attach it to spells (standard 3 spells, second and third connected with proper caster upgrade). Customs field in race selection when choosing requirements is just blank, as if I made no customs. Nothing seems to work - restarting WEditor, using JassNewGen Editor, moving customs to another race, nothing.

Is someone able to help me?
Not open for further replies.