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edaphosaurus lizard dinosaur

Edaphosaurus (Model)

Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
The Permian had lots of reptiles, most of which became extint at the end of the period along with Trilobites (Who had been going along quite fine until then) and in general, 90% of life on earth went dead.

The few reptiles who survived (Called mammal-like reptiles, due to having both mammalian and reptillian features) either became extinct as the dinosaurs rose to power, or evolved into mammals, who really stayed down until a certain meteorite decided to rid the earth of the dinosaurs. Thus we were lead into the age of the mammals which we're currently living in.

Oh, and nice model. Gotta love Permian creatures. Now make a Horseshoe crab, its not like you couldn't =P
Even if they are all well made I don't see much use for them.
Dude, this is a REQUEST, so ofcourse there is use for it.

you edited that...ummm...i can't remember which model,but i know you edited it...

and it was from Dimetrodon... a sort of meat-eater version of the sail-back sort
Yes, this is a model based on the Dimetrodon model, and that Dimetrodon model was based on the Kodo Beast

Now make a Horseshoe crab, its not like you couldn't =P
Really cool idea!! I'll look in to it and see what base model I can use for a Horseshoe Crab
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
Either a Scarab or your Trilobite should get the basic shape down

A Scarab would be nice, but the skin would be harder, being the entire Crypt Lord skin and all. The Trilobite, as we can see, already works and exists, however has a few animation bugs
Level 1
Jul 12, 2005

That is a cool one.

You make soo cool models:D

Yake more of them i mean it ;)

can you make a : You know it, that one whit a LONG!!
Nick it do not eat meat.

i cant remember what is name is. :?: