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eaxSetting & other questions

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Level 40
Jan 7, 2005

I have stumped on JASS problems again.
  1. I'm using a local sound array, and I'm using 10 variables, in all of those I use the function CreateSound(arguments), however, this function requires a last string named "eaxSetting" or something like that. What is it for?
    When I try to use the variable in a Transmission (cinematic), the sound won't play.

  2. Additionally, the SetupCamera function (or a name similar to that, function supposed to apply a camera object) doesn't ask for players, does it apply to everyone?
    There's also a small error, the camera doesn't apply where it is supposed to. It seems the angle and height are applied, but not on the right location.

  3. Locals belong to a single function only, I presume. But there's a local trigger I would like to delete. Unfortunately, it's on another function, how do I destroy it?

  4. Does a specific unit data change when it morphs? I mean, an already-placed unit, with ID gg_unit_AdataBnumber, does it change to a unit with a different A and a different B after using (for example) Crow Form?

~Thanks for your time, do not be afraid to answer:grin:
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
1- Leave "eaxSetting" Empty and use CreateSoundFromLabel (so you can use labels like "MetalAttackHeavyMetal" instead of file names <not sure about the example label>)
For Transmission problem: Try making them 3D and not 3D
[jass="2- We have"]if GetLocalPlayer() == <Player Value> then
call <Any Camera - Lightning Effect - Special Effect actions>
endif[/code] for applying camera-lightning-special effect actions for specify player(s)
GetLocalPlayer is something like "Who is it running the applications for" that returns current player that actions executed for
Dont Know the solution for "Location isnt right" problem
3- You can pass it by Globals and if its something like timer or it needs to be attached on unit, you need some system like "Local Handle Variables"
4- In normal morph abilities it should get changed. Dont know RepleaceUnit...
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