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Easy, Normal and Hard

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Level 6
Feb 21, 2008
I havent seen any discussion on this, and I really want to get to the bottom of it. This is directed at my Enfo's look alike map, but affects every map.

Difficulty balancing.

Most maps have 1 set difficulty level, with no choice of easy/normal/hard etc.
And some maps do have that choice.

So while I was worried about the balance on my map, I chose to create a choice between easy/normal/hard with dialog buttons and such. Taking the "easy" way out, more work yes, but balance will suit all.

But the REAL point of this topic, does any1 really bother upping the difficulty to their level?

Most people choose easy or normal, but I feel that in wc3, every1 choose easy, and sometimes those people complain its to easy. I really want to discuss this topic.

Is it worth having easy/normal/hard? Some games (not wc3 maps) have bonuses for completing games on hard, like an extra weapon, or such. So that mite be something? What is ur thought on this?
Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
I always pick normal. Then if I still have motivation I pick a harder difficulty for next time I play.

It would be nice to have a difficulty that is even higher than hard difficulty that is meant only for professional and would be a great challenge.

Easy in other case is for players who like to relax and don't like to take pressure. Also for the ones who are more interested in the story than the game-play itself.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Difficulties are great. SWAT aftermath shows correct use of difficulties.

On normal you prety much can not lose the zombies are lame.
On hard you actually need to play as it is no longer easy street with harder objectives and zombies dealing damage.
On insane, bosses have new abilities, can double spawn and you ocassionally see a super zombie. Objectives are also very hard to complete.
On Nightmare you get a lot of super zombies, bosses have even more insane abilities and you need to complete all objectives. You can also unlock watchman. You must fight nemisis at the end to win who is the strongest unit in the game.
On Extinction you will lose. Everything is enhanced with super powers and nuclear zombies spawn. Nemisis also gains permanent force field rendering him unkillable until certain events occur.
Survival where it is prety much insane difficulty but can not be won. You will always eventually fail as the bosses and zombies always get tougher. You get bonuse EXP for surviving a certain time.

Although most games are played at hard level, people who like the map always played at insane or survival with clans nearly winning extinction.
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