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Dwarven Axe Thrower

Dwarven ranged unit.
2nd December 2007 - Dwarven ranged unit. Based on rilfeman model with grunt animations.
6th April 2024 - Completely remade the model. Based on Ujimasa's rifleman with mirrored grunt animations and added animations for fluff. Main model now includes the portrait.
Helmet, weapons and shields are done from scratch in Milkshape3D. Other edits are done with Magos' war3 Model editor and RMS.
Special thanks to Footman16 for inspiring me to remake the model and very special thanks to ILH for testing the model.
Please give credits if you use it in your campaign/map.
Don't edit, repost or share my resources without my full and written permission.
You are not allowed to monetize your map/campaign in any way if you use these models.

If you wish to edit my resources, please write me a personal message on the Hive or on Discord and we can discuss your wish.

If you use the resource(s) in bad faith I have the full right to take away the ability to use this resource.
And if you have questions about the model, feel free to contact me.

dwarf, axe thrower, warrior,

Dwarven Axe Thrower (2024) (Model)

Dwarven Axe Thrower (2024) Icons (Icon)

Dwarven Axe Thrower (2024) Missile (Model)

Dwarven Axe Thrower (2007) (Model)

Dwarven Axe Thrower (2007) Portrait (Model)



Level 2
May 7, 2007
model - 7/10
usefulness - +1
(I like the idea of axethrowers, might eventually have use for it; also played Battle for Middlearth 2 + addon recently)

so -> 8/10 :)
Level 5
Jun 20, 2008
thank comabtwombat we dont reallly need a history lesson
BUt a really great model im gonna use it in my map battle for ironforge of Goblins vs gnomes and dwarfs
Level 2
Nov 8, 2008
dont say bleh because if youve played warcraft 2 the trolls use axe throwers the forest trolls in warcraft 3 have axe throwers and well so many people in history have used axe throwing as a good technique