Dungeonmaster UI

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It meets all expectations and excels in every regard.
This is my entry for the Fantastic Adventurer UI contest! Originally I wanted to do a completely Diablo-esque interface, but I thought it would limit its broadness too much.

AOE Indicator (Texture)

Cursor (Texture)

Inventory Cover (Texture)

Tile 1 (Texture)

Tile 2 (Texture)

Tile 3 (Texture)

Tile 4 (Texture)

Time Indicator (Texture)

Glad you like it, guys.

Here's a little story about an idea I had for this.

At first when I was designing this UI and the minimap area more precisely, I wanted to have a piece of parchment attached over the minimap buttons, and retexture the actual buttons to look like runes, which would glow up depending on state change. The moment I've seen how many actual minimap icon versions there are and how little time I had to dive into that, aside from being a potential third entry with a parchment-type thingy in the exact same place, I had to bin it.

I might implement that at one point, but the whole act of importing every single change would be tedious, along with testing all of the button states, so there's an idea for somebody if I don't really get around this. :D
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Sep 7, 2013
This is great and full of details!
But I think there is something wrong with the perspective, it disturbs my eye... I think the left and right edges should have a slightly different angle, you should check that by drawing perspective lines.
The thing is even Blizzard UIs follow an orthographic projection of sorts, except it's not as apparent since their elements displaying perspective are rather small, unlike mine. Given that this is a UI, I wanted a really narrow angle of view, sorta like using a telephoto lens, eliminating as much perspective distortion as possible and making it look flat.

In other words, it's intentional.

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Great work. Any chance you'll update this for widescreen?