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Duel Of Gods

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Duel of Gods
What do I need? A person that is able to use JASS or VJASS to upgrade my hero spells In order to reduce any lag caused to players and somebody who Is able to make a decent HARDCORE AI.

Currently: Heavily Updating many stuff, remaking the terrain and updating it to a more 2015 view :vw_love:

DUELING (buy an item from an special shop on each side of the team and Duel with an enemy)
Spell Power, Critical Cast, Aim Chance, Evasion, Armor Pen, Magic Resistance, Spell Bash, Damage Detection System, ETC.

Check My map, it is player friendly, specially the shop but I need somebody who can improve the "stat" detection system I have -I call it "stat" because Critical Cast, Bashing strike/cast and others are measured via variable/check group.. and it can cause lag..

MAP: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/duel-gods-v1-06-a-244566/?prev=status%3Da%26u%3DDarkfang




Not open for further replies.