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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Requested by OverLord98.
Hope u'll enjoy...
give credits plz !

Bear form will come...

PATH : Units\NightElf\DruidOfTheClaw\Druidoftheclaw.blp

evil, dead, undead, druid, of, the, claw, bear, night, elf

druidofthedead (Texture)

THE_END: Just a basic recolor, not that much to it.
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
same comments for your bear + ew, stop using that "gold" filter, and make your own skulls please, dont cnp them off the skeleton. you post a lot of skins, but take more time on them, considerate that you should put more input in your skins, and really try to change everything, not the half, like you did with all your faceless skins
Level 21
Jul 3, 2004
The gold effect isnt a filter and I take time on my skins. I do some in the week and submit them the weekend. and I consider than my Faceless skins are finished, if it's not ur opinion nevermind, I've nothing care about ure unconstructive criticism. If u dont like my faceless skins, I'm happy for u but some people like them. I work on Faceless only for me, if some guys loves them, cool.
I can change everything on this skin, but I dont because the Request was : 'Undead druid of the claw', so he must be a bit like the original.
I dont know draw skulls very good, so I train myself, but I'm not enough trained to do them myself now.
I find the Gold effect (wich isnt a filter) very nice, so ok, I perhaps use it a bit too much. But here, I've not use it too much, no ?

Stop sometimes complaining and do positive comments, it will be better for us, and ,I'm sure, better for u. :wink: