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Dread of Ashenvale[PH Name] Campaign

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Apr 18, 2008
Hey guys, I wanted to start a campaign, however all I currently got is just basic ideas and very basic terrain.

Dread of Ashenvale - Chapter 1 storyline

Our story takes place in a time before "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade", but after the events of "Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne". We join the story as Tharg, an orcish grunt, is sent to an outpost in Ashenvale, from Orgrimmar. The orcish outpost in Ashenvale is the first one to be made in this area, and the mission of the Horde in this outpost is to conquer Darnassus and Ashenvale as a whole. The Alliance have not yet uncovered the Outpost as it is hidden deep in the forest. Night Elven scouts and other Alliance forces are being eliminated on sight and so far, no Alliance soldier managed to survive and report back to Darnassus. As Tharg arrives, he is tasked with a mission from the outpost's Warchief, Gorrum Axeripper, to eliminate nearby Fubolgs because of constant aggressions from the Furbolgs side on the Horde's scouts. As Tharg fights the Furbolgs and helps other Orcs, Trolls or Goblins* at the outpost, he uncovers a small group of Undead. After defeating the Undead, Tharg reports back to Gorrum. As the Warchief listens astonishingly a group of Night Elves attacks the outpost, and the Warchief's and Tharg's conversation is cut-off. Apparently the Outpost was discovered.

* -A lore-related note about that - The Horde has hired goblins, the goblins never were part of the Horde or the Alliance.

And that's when Chapter 2 starts...

Project Members needed!

I can't handle a whole campaign all by myself, so I'm requesting a bit of help here. So basically, I need a terrainer, a coder\triggerer and perhaps someone who can make cinematics. I can handle the rest. I would prefer that the people that join(if at all) will have MSN Messenger, as I use it and it could make things a lot faster.

I have created a very basic terrain for the project, it is attached in the end of this post. If someone has a better idea for a name of the campaign, I would gladly hear. Any suggestions for about anything are greatly appreciated.


  • DoA - Chapter 1 Basic Terrain.w3x
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