Drain Life/ Siphon Mana

Level 4
Nov 19, 2009

i got a custom hero called a Legion Warlock based on the Eredar Sorcerer
he is based arround draining an enemy, same way an affliction warlock does in the mmorpg

to this end, he has Drain Life, Siphon Mana, Rain of Fire and Doom as spells.

but here is a tricky thing -- i noticed when using Drain Life ( the green spell ) i often see my hero use the Siphon Mana (blue one) instead !!!

to get to Drain Life, i have to move (thus puting Siphon Mana on CD) and then press Drain Life once more !

this seems like a bug.... or is it intended ?

i must say i DO get Drain Life on the first try on targets with mana....but its rare !!!

in 95 % of cases, when pressing Drain Life, i get the Siphon Mana spell.
this is happening with both cliking and using the hot key.

any thoughts on how to fix this ?

EDIT: considering SAME target, after the initial mix-up with Drain Life/Siphon Mana, i can freely change spells on same target and no more mix ups
seems this is happening only on first time i target a given target
although not game breaking, it does annoy me, as it basicly greatly increases my hero micro-management time needed to perform effectively