So i think we also need some draenei! There are only some of the units from draenei, but thats not enough! so i bring you this nonhero unit - Draenei huntress. It uses the skin of 67_Chrome and its based on the concept of Draenei with the crystal sword. I hope you like it. enjoy it and give credit. It also have a portrait. I hope soon all of my models will have it also.

And about the skin, iave got the permission to upload it with skin of 67_Chrome, so give credits also to him.

Filesize little bit decreased.And mabye now even with the fixed feet, so maybe hooves.

And here is the skin link : http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/skins-552/draeneihuntress_by67chrome-blp-155350/

Icon can be used same as the skin have - from 67_Chrome.

And updated again. Old version was too....Old. Hope you will like the new one better.
Updated- fixed the problems with HP bar. But Hive is giving me a real problem with uploading portrait...i dont know whats wrong :/ ass soon as it is possible I will add the portrait.

Draenei, Huntress, Argus, Azeroth, Alliance, Hunter, Nonhero, Unit, Kalimdor, Exodar, Eredar

Draenei Huntress texture (Texture)

Draenei Portrait (Model)

DraeneiHuntress (Model)

14:59, 5th May 2010 General Frank: Quite cool model edit. Simple but effective. Approved.




14:59, 5th May 2010
General Frank:

Quite cool model edit. Simple but effective.
Level 7
Mar 6, 2009
Model frenzy! That's a very good idea, the skin definitely deserves an original base, with wonderful matching arms of combat. The animations look cool too. Possiblity to use an attack with the shield is great. You should include a link to the skin in the description.

Level 16
Dec 29, 2008
Hmm original and a good addition for the Draenei race.Work on the animations(specially attack and move the rest is fitting). And i saw a little bug...She has feets...And draenei have no feets , they have hooves.You get a 3 and if you fix her foots 4.
Level 36
Feb 17, 2008
I just want to know what he doesnt like, thats all. Maybe he is troll or not, but i accept him as normal user of the hive, doesnt matter if he have - reputation or +1000, maybe hes jsut in bad mood, whatever ...;) thank you for comment! I just had idea.. wel... and Chrome had skin... so i put theese two together and here it is...Draenei.