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Draenei Paladin

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Finally I made it, a Draenei without ported WOW assets.
I'm trying to remain custom models' face expression, changing textures as possible to make humanoid race, this is the first experiment, hope you like it.

Updated: Added portraits, icons and a version with tentacles.
DraeneiPaladin2 is the one with tentacles.

Draenei Paladin (Model)

Draenei Paladin Portrait (Model)

Draenei Paladin Icon (Icon)

Draenei Paladin (with tentacles) (Model)

Draenei Paladin Portrait (with tentacles) (Model)

Draenei Paladin Icon (with tentacles) (Icon)

I made a similar model for my draenor black temple map, but you have done it much better than me! great work as always, i was just thinking the upper body is abit narrow maybe widening it abit would balance out the new torso height change.
Thanks for kind words and suggestions, I plan to update with more proper Draenei weapon set and more natural tentacles animation.