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Double Canon Turret

My fourth model . This is made by me and I know that it looks like the canon from COC but it is cool. It can be used in any maps like tower defenses, mazes, puzzles, customized melee maps, and more. I hope you guys like this. Enjoy!!

Update v1.1:
-Restructured Turret and Canon barrels.
-Optimized model content.
-Added Team Color.
-With "no_chunk"(particle emitter 1) version to be uploaded later.
-You can view the image of its old version in the last photo preview.

Double Canon Turret (Model)

Double Canon Turret_NoChunk (Model)

Missile (Model)

General Frank
Interesting model, but you need to improve it a bit: - Please add a portrait animation with a team coloured back ground plane. - Add parts of team colour to the model. - Rename the UNNAMED tags of the model to something proper.
Changes made. Works in-game. Approved! You might want to add the non-emitter version soon.