Doshnolger Kingdom

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This is an Orcish template map. It can be used for different types of gameplay!:)
If you enjoyed playing this map, please give credits!

Be sure to give your opinions to me!
Created by: PrinceYaser








I imported nineteen models. I do not know who is the creator of them! If you know, please tell me! Here is the names of that models:
  • OrcHouse1Final.mdx
  • OrcMainTowerFinal.mdx
  • OrigrimThorn1.mdx
  • Origrim Thorn2.mdx
  • Plant4.mdx
  • Plant5b.mdx
  • Plant6.mdx
  • Plant8.mdx
  • Plant10.mdx
  • Plant17.mdx
  • Plant18.mdx
  • BarrensTree0.mdx
  • BarrensTree1.mdx
  • BarrensTree2.mdx
  • Buche1.mdx
  • Buche2.mdx
  • Buche3.mdx
  • Buche4.mdx
  • Buche5.mdx
Keywords: Orc , Template , Terrain , PrinceYaser , Orgrimar , map , Kingdom , Warcraft

Doshnolger Kingdom (Map)

Hello, just tested the map here's my review.

1-80% of the Terrain is flat
2-Very small tile variation
3-Buildings are very oversized and don't have path blockers
4-Doodads are very oversized and don't have path blockers
5-60% of the terrain is empty

I'll rate this map 4/5, vote for Approval, will change my rating when you've made some fixes, you can also tell me if you're dissatisfied with my rating and I'll gladly remove my rating and my comment.
Level 25
Oct 2, 2011
I agree with zenonoth, and those are the things I pointed out on my other reviews on your other maps aswell.
Although, because of those things, I would not put such a high rating.

You have uploaded a lot of templates now, and there hasn't really been any improvement, just a different tileset.
I will not approve this yet, and I want your next upload to show that you have seen the feedback, and actually learned something from it.
You are uploading decent templates, but there is no improvement; they are all the same in some aspects.

Again, I think you should work in smaller areas, and more details.
try a 128x128 map next time maybe? :)
Level 23
Oct 12, 2008

You are aware that maps that are better got a 3/5, right? example: Zin-Azshari
This should get a 2/5 at best.

1. Blizzard cliffs are ugly
2. Lacking tile variation
3. The custom buildings do not fit with the terrain well in my opinion
4. Lack decoration doodads, where are the flowers, bushes, shrubs etc?

Im gonna agree with this.
The main thing this template has going for it is a nice mini-map preview; thats about it.