City Kingdom Template

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This is another template map of me!! Like my other two maps! This can be used for different types of gameplay. I hope you like!:)
Be sure to give your ideas to me!:)

  • Spells of the Heros and Units:
  1. King Lansolat: This hero has: Extended Lightning , Holy Light of the King , Volatile Light and Holy Aura!
  2. Prince Kael: This hero has: Lightning Field , Thunderwrath , Lightning Storm , Thunder Aura and Phoenix!
  3. Lady Alica: This hero has: Volatile Light , Light of the Watcher , Brilliance Aura , Summon Water Elemental and Mass Teleport!
  4. Lord Garret Goldhammer: This hero has:Holy Domination and other spells of a Paladin!
  5. Lord Melagios: This hero has: Just spells of an Archmage!
  6. City Guards: This units have: Storm of City Guard , Healing wave of the City Guard and Defend!
  7. King Lansolat's Guards: This units have: Only Defend and Inventory(Hero)!
  8. City Huntress: Only Moonglaive and Sentinel(Naisha)!





Keywords: Template , City , Terrain , warcraft , Kingdom , PrinceYaser , map

City Kingdom (Map)

Level 14
Sep 6, 2015
Here everything is all right, except:
1 - Shadows need to be calculated.
2 - It is recommended that you leave darkened areas at the map edges, like most maps have, because if the playable area is all the way to the ending edges of the map, the map ends in an abyss of blackness, and you can see that abyss in-game and go with units to it.
3 - The map cannot be saved in the normal World Editor, it shows some errors in the spell triggers.
Level 14
Sep 6, 2015
Those are camera bounds, the darkened boundary of the map where units or in-game camera can't go. It's edited via Scenario -> Map Size and Camera Bounds. All Blizzard maps have them.

By the way, I missed one thing - at the south of the map at those houses you have some trees on the pavement, where you can put grass under them.
Level 7
Mar 9, 2016
The map seems pretty decent but it doesn't feel very balanced, there are locations where there's too many of the particular building or doodad and others with too little. My rating is 3/5