Doom - The Door to Hell

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
You must survive until you are rescued!

- To fire, press "A", then click on a point. You will hit all enemyes in a line.
- Work as a team!
- Never split up!

Please, report ANY bug.

I not based this map 100% on the game. I tryed to make a warcraft styled map. it means that you can chose heroes, each hero has diferent abilities, you can find special items,etc.
You will also meet most of doom3 monsters and features here.

Maybe the last version.

Doom - The Door to Hell (Map)

Craka_J: I enjoyed this map on BNet! A little hard against grenade creeps, but it was fun! Approved!




Craka_J: I enjoyed this map on BNet! A little hard against grenade creeps, but it was fun! Approved!
Level 13
May 24, 2005
I played it with 2 friends of mine today and I would say it's best survival map I've played so far - very impressing.

Great use of custom gfx, atmosphere and style are very near to the game, cool new combat system with a good mix of micro and strategical decisions etc.

We'll try it again another time since we didn't finished the whole map with 3 players in the first tries. But I hope it's not only beatable with full house. The possibility to finish the map with lower number of players too in a lower difficulty would be cool.

I've found no real critical bugs so far, but some spelling errors (for example "scientist" name)

I guess I'll post some more feedback soon.

Great job!
Level 1
Oct 2, 2006
Thanks for the Feedback MoCo.

Well, in the Recruit dificult, I can beat this map alone with the chain gunner or the squad leader. but, by anyways, I will reduce the dificult on the next version.

about spelling errors, i'll try fixing them.
I would be glad if you can list all them and send me via PM. if you do that, I will add your name on the credits.
Level 9
Oct 6, 2007
Play it all the time now, it's right next to Undead Assault 2 as the best zombie/demon map ever.

I got a big favor to ask of you though, and I hope you can fill it because I myself am making a doom map, and it's going to have all the levels of the game.

I was wondering if you could send me all the doodads you used (the fans, blood, computers, the cabinets, and the candels)

I really need these, and I can't find em on here. Thanks alot, keep up the good work, and I hope I can get an answer on the request ASAP
Level 8
Aug 12, 2008
I rate "Doom-Door to Hell" a 4/5. Here is my review:

Sarge's Critique
[+] Storyline matches the storyline of doom to an acceptable extent
[+] Gameplay is pretty simple
[+] Terrain and sound board are both awesome
[+] Equality b/t User and AI
[+] Attachments and imports match the background of the map

[-] You may want to have models of the actual Demons from the game imported in
[-] The "Recruit" setting should be set for the use of a solo game.
[-] The FPS could have been implimented
[-] The weapon switch could have been implimented
This map demonstrates knowedge of the "Doom" game series. I am impress that you combined both Hell, and a normal UAC lab in one level. Also good job with the Soul cube, but that is another thing I believe you could have made a model made for.

Level 4
Aug 1, 2008
Something is wrong... I downloaded the map, but it doesn't appear when I want to host it in B.Net or test it in Singleplayer. I tried downloading it a second time in the Maps/Scenario folder with the Death Sheep and Warchasers. I saw the map in the folder, but when I booted up Wc3, only Death Sheep and Warchasers showed up. WTH??????
Level 4
Feb 16, 2010
this map is bugged...when i let ppl download from me they will be auto kicked
Might be the warcraft 3 patch :p If the ppl trying to join have an older patch they will get kicked after downloading
About the map
1) fix the description( typos and you can send a few screenshots )
2) the terran looks good
3) the waves offer a challenge ( this is good xD )
I say a 4/5 because of the description ( I'll vote later so I'll check the description then )
Level 2
Sep 9, 2009
I downloaded and played this game by myself recently, and i must say, this map was pretty cool. I tried all of the characters though and i think the chaingunner was best. However it was cool how you even put in parts of the Doom 3 storyline in as objectives, such as replacing the reactor part. Good map.:thumbs_up: