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disable item attacking

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Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
I have my item triggers. only one that works is when a unit picks up an item that isn't his it drops the item back, that one works but this one is: It should stop a unit from attacking if the owner of the triggering unit doesn't own the item. so far it doesn't work. its almost the same as the picking one but this one doesn't seem to work. is there something I missed or if someone could give me another way to do this?

  • Attacked
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Is issued an order targeting an object
    • Conditions
      • (Target item of issued order) Not equal to No item
      • (Item-class of (Target item of issued order)) Not equal to Charged
      • (Issued order) Equal to (Order(attack))
      • (Owner of (Ordered unit)) Not equal to (Owner of (Target item of issued order))
    • Actions
      • Unit - Order (Triggering unit) to Stop
Level 18
Jan 21, 2006
Try putting a game message and see if the actions are even being executed. If not then it is likely your conditions which are the problem, and we can address that when we get to it. For now, put game text display actions before Unit - Order (Triggering unit) to Stop.
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