Direct Strike Reforged - Open Source

I think it's about time I post a version of Direct Strike Reforged that is open to edit. I realise there's a community that loves the map and I'm very proud of that, but the fact is I simply lack the time to keep balancing things left and right and keep up with broken metas. This is why I'm posting an open version of it here so people can do whatever they want with it.

With that being said I've stripped away a couple of core features in this open version:
  • Automatic save/load, which includes the level system and skin rewards.
  • Custom races (they still aren't ready for a full release).
  • MMD stats for

This open version is based on the latest 2.0 test version which was released a few months back.

EDIT (30.03.2022): This version now includes changes made until v2.0.3


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