Devouring Maw v009

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The spell effect known as ''Zagara's ''Devouring Maw'' exported and repurposed to be a large subterranean boss like zerg super unit, with the goal of making it into an under ground battle cruiser crossed with a reverse lurker with a little bit of mothership data thrown in...

animatedgooplane_normals (Texture)

blastmark9_diffuse (Texture)

blastmark9_height (Texture)

blastmark9_normal (Texture)

Devouring Maw v009 (Model)

dirtdebris1 (Texture)

dirtdebris2 (Texture)

glow_greenhaze1 (Texture)

gooball_1 (Texture)

gooball_1_blue (Texture)

gootailsstickysculpted_diffuse (Texture)

gootailsstickysculpted_normals (Texture)

grad1a_green (Texture)

kerriganultimatetentacles_diffuse (Texture)

kerriganultimatetentacles_emissive (Texture)

kerriganultimatetentacles_normals (Texture)

kerriganultimatetentacles_specular (Texture)

largesmoke2 (Texture)

nydusrocksdiffuse (Texture)

nydusrocksnormal (Texture)

nydusrocksspecular (Texture)

rockdebrissculptchar_diffuse (Texture)

rockdebrissculpt_normal (Texture)

shallwowatergreen (Texture)

smokecloud1 (Texture)

smokelit (Texture)

smoketile4 (Texture)

storm_tendrilstreak5 (Texture)

zergeggpodsculptedgreen_diffuse (Texture)

zergeggpodsculpted_normals (Texture)