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Detaching mesh - animation problems

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Hey all,

actually for those who are experienced with animated models, the title is pretty straight-forward.

I import a model in 3ds Max and because I need to apply textures and the mesh comes in one-piece, I detach the parts so that I have the expected result. While, of course, it works fine, in terms of texturing, the bone structure becomes independent (and it's quite natural).

My problem now is, how to re-attach the whole skeleton to the mesh without any downsides or flaws? I tried using the "Physique" modifier and it brings me the list of bones, but I can only attach the mesh to one bone (Shift selection is disabled).

Any efficient way to do this? The result is pretty much the "T-pose" of the mesh and when I roll the animations, I can only see the bones moving, while the mesh remains stationary.

Thanks for any help!
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