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Desert Smite v5.0a

Submitted by Damage
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Current Version: 5.0a

From the Creator that brought you Damage Team Survival and Magi Deathmatch Arena working with Arxos, comes a new competitive strategy / resource management / unit countering game based on the popular Starcraft 1&2 game "Desert Strike":

Desert Smite

Quick Overview:
Choose from 8 unique races at the start of the round. Each second, you are given 10 gold to spend on upgrades and additional units for your army. You can also upgrade your gold income per second up to 5 times, but each time you do so, you also incur a freeze time where you will not earn any gold for a short time. Every 40 seconds, one of your team's units will be spawned at your Fortress and will attempt to attack the enemy base. Your forces will clash with your enemy's in the middle of the map. Keep control of the middle of the map and destroy enemy towers in succession to earn bonus gold and keep up early pressure. It is up to you to create the correct unit counters and manage your resources effectively to be able to win the tug of war and destroy the enemy Fortress!
The game functions correctly with any team sizes: You can play 4vs4, 2vs2 or even in unbalanced setups such as 1vs3 or 4vs2 - even with uneven teams, the game is designed to be balanced, with no team having a particular advantage!

Preview Videos

Race Descriptions:
Space Orcs

1 - Energy Tank
Spellcaster unit that can stun and deal damage to land units in an area. Can be upgraded to also irradiate an enemy.
2 - Pulverizer
Tier 3 heavy damage unit with a highly destructive AoE attack. Can be upgraded so that enemies suffer pushback when attacked by this unit.
3 - Condor Gunship
The Space Orc's only air unit, which deals effective anti-air damage. Can be upgraded to also launch rockets at land targets and gain bonus attack speed.
4 - Gattling Tank
Powerful machine gun tank that slaughters light units, both land and air. Can be upgraded so that its weapon gains increased attack speed the longer it remains in combat.
5 - Ursa Major
Tier 3 heavy tank capable of attacking land and air units with equal punishment. Can be upgraded to also gain a flamethrower attack that burns many enemies in front of the Ursa Major.
6 - Grizzly
The basic tank of the Space Orc race, with good all round damage and health. Can be upgraded to use a 3 second invulnerability shield when threatened.
7 - Hedgehog
Anti-Air tank adept at destroying heavily armoured targets.
8 - Plasma Trooper
Heavily armoured infantry adept at destroying other heavily armoured targets. Can be upgraded to be able to teleport away from harm when taken to critical health.
9 - Specialist
Sniper infantry with a long range attack that dispatches light units quickly. Can be upgraded with additional range and the ability to lower enemy armour significantly.
10 - Rocket Hunter
Rocket Hunters delight in destroying enemy armoured units. Like Marines, they can be upgraded to have the ability to sacrifice some of their health in return for a large boost in movement and attack speed.
11 - Marine
Spawn in 2s. Marines are the general purpose infantry, and usually high in number. Like Rocket Hunters, they can be upgraded to have the ability to sacrifice some of their health in return for a large boost in movement and attack speed.


1 - Ice Giant
Heavily armoured unit that can shrug off the attacks of lesser enemies. Can be upgraded to reduce damage taken by a flat amount, making it highly resistant to rapid attacks.
2 - Glaciator
An ice spirit adept at destroying heavily armoured targets, both land and air. Can be upgraded so that it can deal heavy damage to a target enemy while also stunning it.
3 - Rimeglider
Devastating Tier 3 air unit, capable of damaging land an air alike. Can be upgraded to be able to charge into enemy air units, dealing bonus damage and stunning it.
4 - Froststeel Bolter
Slow attacking but powerful, Froststeel Bolters form the foundation of the Icecaller ranged attackers. Like Froststeel Guardians, they can upgraded to gain a large attack speed bonus when they kill an enemy.
5 - Frostwolves
These beasts spawn in groups of 3. They are cheap and are good at swarming large targets, and passively possess the ability to critically strike. They can be upgraded to gain a defensive barrier against enemy spell attacks.
6 - Sylph
Flying defensive caster with the ability to boost allied armour that slows attackers. Can be upgraded to also be able to heal injured allied units over time.
7 - Froststeel Guardian
Frosteel Guardians are the answer to enemy armoured units, while themselves are quite tough. Like Froststeel Bolters, they can upgraded to gain a large attack speed bonus when they kill an enemy.
Large armoured flyer, able to attack land and air alike. Can be upgraded so that its breath chills the movement and attack rate of enemy units that it attacks.
8 - Froststeel Fencers
Spawn in 2s. These Fencers excel at annihilating light units in melee range. They can be upgraded to have more health, and a chance to unleash a flurry of attacks in combat.
9 - Coldwing Drake
Heavy flying unit with exceptional damage against enemy light units. Can be upgraded so that its attacks slow the movement and attack rate of enemies.
10 - Hoarfrost
Offensive caster unit that can deal a sizable amount of area damage. Can be upgraded to have the ability to disable enemy high health units, effectively removing them from combat for a short time.
11 - Glacial Colossus
Gigantic Tier 3 unit, able to obliterate land units that oppose it with catastrophic cleaving attacks. Can be upgraded to also cripple the attack and movement of enemies that it attacks directly.


1 - Imps
Mischievous fire spirits that always spawn in 2s. They are effective swarming units. They can be upgraded to have bonus range and attack speed.
2 - Fire Knight
Heavily armoured melee unit that can leap into battle and take out ranged units quickly. Can be upgraded to make the last moments of its life a blaze of glory, rampaging with massively increased attack and move speed before exploding in fire.
3 - Incendius
Spell caster unit that can blanket an area in flames. Can be upgraded to also have the ability to boost the attack rate and movement speed of an ally considerably for a short time.
4 - Orbs
Spawn in 2s, these Orbs fulfill their purpose by simply exploding on the first enemy they meet. Like their air counterparts, they can be upgraded to have a significantly higher movement speed.
5 - Air Orbs
Spawn in 2s, these Orbs fulfill the same purpose as their land counterparts, but instead explode on air targets. Like their land counterparts, they can be upgraded to have a significantly higher movement speed.
6 - Basilisk
A cheap answer to enemy armour. These snakes spit fire that deals significant damage to armoured targets. They can be upgraded to go Berserk in combat, gaining a huge increase in attack speed, but taking more damage from enemy attacks.
7 - Lava Spawn
Small fire spirit that is adept at destroying massive and heavily armoured targets. Can be upgraded so that its attacks light targets on fire, dealing bonus magical damage over time.
8 - Phoenix
Giant, destructive tier 3 flying unit. Capable of annihilating large groups of enemies in few attacks at long range. Can be upgraded so that enemy units merely in the presence of the Phoenix are burned for magical damage over time.
9 - Bladeblazer
Extremely powerful tier 3 unit, adept at destroying anything. Can also enrage itself to gain a large increase in attack speed for a short time. Can be upgraded to gain the ability to breath fire, damaging units in a cone in front of the Bladeblazer.
10 - Flame Bird
Light flying units that are able to attack up to 3 enemies at once with burning quills. Can be upgraded to evade a percentage of directed enemy attacks.
11 - Magma Elemental
Heavily armoured unit with anti-land and air capabilities. Can be upgraded so that its attacks have a chance to damage all enemies in an area around it.

The Swarm

1 - Rockback Scarab
Cheap, and yet heavily armoured melee insect. Can be upgraded so that its bites will also carry an acidic component, which reduces the armour of its victim.
2 - Air Scourges
These flying nuisances come in 2s. They excel at swarming and controlling the skies. They can be upgraded to have an extremely large amount of armour, contrary to their fragile appearance.
3 - Skitterer
Light unit with attacks that are especially powerful against large armoured targets. They can be upgraded so that whosoever kills the Skitterer is punished with an extremely potent poison. Like Spitters, they can also gain the ability to web enemy units, immobilising them and pulling them to the ground.
4 - Swarmlings
Swamlings appear in packs of 4. They are good at surrounding larger targets and acting as effective distractions for your other units. Like Hydralisks, they can be upgraded so that their attacks slow enemy movement and attack rates.
5 - Stinger
A creature with the ability to easily destroy light targets in a minimal amount of attacks. Can be upgraded so that enemies killed in a short time span after being attacked by a Stinger will explode.
6 - Emporer
Massive tier 3 land unit with a crushing melee attack. Can be upgraded so that its attacks sometimes critically strike its enemy for additional damage.
7 - Swarmlord
Massive flying tier 3 unit that bombards targets at long range with acid attacks. Can be upgraded so that Fledglings fly along side this monster and assist in its attacks.
8 - Swarm Queen + Antlings
The Swarm Queen spawns Antlings to aid in her attacks, while also webbing enemy air units to the ground. Can be upgraded to gain an area of effect damage and disable ability.
9 - Hydralisks
These ranged creatures spawn in 2s. They are especially good at working down enemy air units and light land units. Like Swarmlings, they can be upgraded so that their attacks slow enemy movement and attack rates.
10 - Spitter
A spider with an acidic attack that deals exceptional anti-armour damage. Like Skitterers, they can also gain the ability to web enemy units, immobilising them and pulling them to the ground.
11 - Gouger
Powerful armoured land unit, which bites and tears at enemy land units. Can be upgraded to be able to take a massive bite out of an enemy, dealing significant damage and stunning it briefly.


1 - Nightmare
Massive tier 3 land unit that tears through land units with ease. Can be upgraded to implant deadly tentacles into foes, which sprout out on the affected units death.
2 - Horror
Massive tier 3 flying unit, able to decimate groups of enemies with area effect attacks. Can be upgraded to gain increased maximum health as enemy units die around it.
3 - Yuurei + Shadow Constructs
The Yuurei is an offensive caster unit with a powerful area effect spell. Can be upgraded to also create invulnerable Shadow Constructs from dying enemies, either land or air.
4 - Ghasts
These minor manifestations of fear come in 2s. They are great for controlling and swarming the skies. They can be upgraded so that they can exit combat for a short duration when attacked, forcing enemies to change targets.
5 - Zicht
Flying watcher that excels at dismantling heavy flying units. Can be upgraded to also attack land enemies, while also gaining the ability to shoot a concentrated damage beam at a single enemy air unit.
6 - Blindling
Cheap, and yet durable melee unit, it acts as an effective swarm or distraction unit. Can be upgraded to gain a significant bonus to health regeneration during the night.
7 - Nightcrawler
Fast attacking and sharp-clawed melee unit, adept at killing light enemies. Can be upgraded to be permanently invisible unless attacking.
8 - Ghost
Cheap, basic ranged unit. Works effectively when in a large group. Like Phantasms, can be upgraded to give enemies a chance to miss on their attacks.
9 - Phantasm
A spirit with attacks that are especially suited to dealing with armoured land units. Can be upgraded to inflict enemies with a chance to miss on their attacks.
10 - Faceless
A nightmare with no face, these creatures devastate light air and land units alike. Can be upgraded to gain a jumping shadowy tendril attack.
11 - Apparition
A haunted suit of armour, these units can take great punishment. Can be upgraded to gain the ability to strangle an enemy from afar, stunning and dealing damage to it over time.

The Divine

1 - Crusader
Durable melee units with a damage absorbing shield that recovers mana. When at 100 mana, can cast Crusade on itself to gain enhanced damage, armour and health regeneration. Can be upgraded to also cause a nearby ally to gain the Crusade effect.
2 - Templar
Heavily armoured melee unit with a mana shield ability. Can be upgraded to recover health based on its mana when attacked by an enemy.
3 - Justicar
Heavily armoured melee unit with a mana shield ability. Can be upgraded to recover health based on its mana when attacking an enemy.
4 - Vindicator
Melee support unit adept at killing light units, with a damage absorbing shield that recovers mana. On death, this unit heals all nearby allies based on its current mana.
5 - Cleric
Sacrificial support unit. Clerics give their health and mana to other units when engaged in combat. They can be upgraded to have an extremely high amount of health regeneration.
6 - Sanctifier
A basic ranged unit, but dealing special damage. The sanctifier can spend mana to deal bonus damage on its attacks. Can be upgraded to generate mana on its attacks.
7 - Incarnation
Caster support unit. Can deal damage in an area over 2 seconds, or heal and restore the mana of single allies. Can be upgraded so that is spells have reduced mana costs.
8 - Judgement
Ranged unit adept at destroying massive enemies. Stores the unspent mana of dying nearby allies, and on death, unleashes the mana in a devastating explosion. Can be upgraded so that the explosion leaves a lingering, burning, slowing area of Consecration.
9 - Apotheosis
Devastating massive air unit, that strikes random nearby enemies with bolts of holy power, generating mana, and when at full mana, strikes all nearby enemies with the same effect. Can be upgraded so that each strike also deals additional damage in a small area.
10 - Seraphim
Flying angel with rapid attacks. Each hit generates mana for the Seraphim, boosting her attack speed. At full mana, she gains an enormous boost to attack speed for a few seconds and resets her mana to 0. Can be upgraded to increase the rate of mana regeneration.
11 - Ascendant
Massive angelic being that generates mana simply from enemies dying nearby. Can use its mana to deal heavy damage and stun a target for a few seconds. Can be upgraded so that it generates significantly more mana when dealing killing blows.


1 - Beholder
Ultimate Tier 3 flyer. Its attacks place a variety of debilitating effects on its opponents. Can be upgraded to cast multiple of its effects at once.
2 - Void Lord
Massive Tier 3 land unit that explodes on death, knocking enemies away and banishing them. Can be upgraded so that a large swarm of small units is unleashed in the explosion.
3 - Doom Guard
Tier 2 brute that can withstand great punishment, and excels at dealing with armoured targets. Can be upgraded to blast individual enemies with fire.
4 - Desolator
High health flyer with a weak attack. Can be upgraded to link itself to an enemy, rapidly destroying it and the Desolator over time.
5 - Felguard
Basic melee attacker that can cleave down lesser units with ease. Can be upgraded to gain increased attack speed based on health lost.
6 - Demon Archer
Basic ranged attacker. Can be upgraded to sacrifice its own health to gain an insanely long range and high damage power shot.
7 - Grand Warlock
Advanced caster that can summon Infernals. Can be upgraded to sacrifice heavily injured demonic allies and gain a portion of their health and damage.
8 - Warlock Initiate
Basic caster. Can be upgraded to incite allies into a frenzy, increasing the damage of all abilities and attacks by 100% at the cost of losing health each second.
9 - Felhunter
Melee unit that excels at killing light enemies. Is hugely resistant to magic attacks. Can be upgraded to grant a random ally a defensive shield when the Felhunter dies.
10 - Maiden of Pain
A demon that excels at destroying enemy massive units. Can be upgraded to massively increase her attack speed when fighting enemies with more health than herself.
11 - Brutalizer
Devastating Tier 3 monster that recklessly slams the ground hurting enemies and allies alike. Can be upgraded to be able to charge into the enemy, damaging and knocking them away.


1 - Sea Drake
Flying serpent, a good all-rounder unit.
2 - Sea Witch
Advanced ranged attacker that can cast Forked Lightning on enemies.
3 - Medusa
Advanced caster. Can deal heavy damage in a small area of effect.
4 - Royal Guard
Armoured melee attacker that can soak up a great deal of damage.
5 - Siren
Support caster. Can heal multiple allies in a chain.
6 - Incursor
Aggressive melee attacker that can cast Ensnare - immobilising enemy units and forcing air units to the ground.
7 - Tridentyr
Ranged attackers that spawn in 2s. In large numbers their damage can become exceptional, and posses the ability to stun single opponents.
8 - Morphling
Ultimate unit of the Tidebringers. Benefits from every single upgrade the race has to offer, meaning its late-game potential soars off the charts.
9 - Hydra
Melee attacker that can easily destroy armoured targets. Passively spits at random nearby enemies each second, doing considerable damage.
10 - Sea Giant
Extremely heavily armoured melee attacker that excels at destroying armoured targets. It has a base armour value much higher than normal units.
11 - Snap Dragon
Ranged attacker that is adept at killing light units.

All Tidebringer units have many upgrades that provide passive bonuses. Bonuses range from extra range, extra armour, magic resistance, cleaves, poison attacks and health regeneration. Many of the units above can have multiple of the upgrades, while the Morphling has all of them available to it.

Armour and Damage Types

This game does not use the standard damage and armour types of Warcraft 3, and instead uses a new unique set of armours and attack types.

Attack Types
Normal - Has a minor bonus against medium armour, but deals reduced damage to buildings and massive units.
Anti-Light - Gains a huge bonus against lightly armoured targets, but its effectiveness is greatly reduced against buildings, armoured targets and massive targets.
Anti-Armour - Gains a huge bonus against armoured targets, and a slight bonus against massive enemies. However, lightly armoured targets take less damage from this attack type.
Special - A damage type almost exclusive to caster units and spells. This type deals 100% to all armour types except Heroic.
Dismantling - This attack type has a large attack bonus against massive targets and buildings, but its effect is greatly reduced on lighter targets.
Heroic - This attack type is only dealt by defensive buildings and heroes. It deals bonus damage to Heroic armour, and 100% to everything else.

Armour Types
Light - This armour type is effective at defending against Dismantling attacks and anti-armour, but is severely vulnerable to anti-light attacks.
Medium - This armour type is slightly vulnerable to normal attacks, but is effective at defending against Dismantling attacks.
Armoured - Armoured units take less damage from Normal and Anti-light attacks, but are severely vulnerable to anti-armour attacks.
Massive - Massive units take considerably less damage from normal and anti-light attacks, and are not as vulnerable to anti-armour attacks. However, this type is exceptionally vulnerable to dismantling attacks.
Building - All structures have this armour type, greatly reduces damage from Normal and anti-light attacks. However, it is very weak to Dismantling attacks.
Heroic - The armour of Heroes. Heroic armour reduces the damage of all attacks except Dismantling. However, it is weak to enemy Heroic attacks.

Hero Previews

As of Desert Smite version 2.0, heroes were added to the game. Heroes can be purchased from wave 18 onwards, and are a single use 900 gold investment. Heroes are exceptionally powerful units that can take out entire armies by themselves.

Frostlord (Icecallers)

Firelord (Flamewakers)

Devourer (Swarm)

Nightlord (Nightmares)

Armageddon Tank (Space Orcs)

Archangel (The Divine)

Previous Version Information

Version 1.0
- Initial Release.
- Heroes not yet implemented.

Version 1.01
- Added in-game credits list.
- Blade Blazers, Emporers and Ursa Majors now less expensive.
- Phoenixes and Horrors more expensive.
- The Final Fortress building will now be focus fired by most hostile units in the area around it. This should drastically cut down the game length and stop stalemates in late game.

Version 1.02
- Fortress Building reworked.
+ It is now Solid, and so units cannot walk through it, and melee units can attack it from a much further range.
+ Its corner towers no longer attack, but the Fortress central building now has an AoE lightning attack. This also makes units nearby consider it a great threat, and will attempt to attack it more often than other nearby units.
+ A further trigger has been added to encourage units to focus fire on the Fortress.

Version 1.1
- Spawn buildings can now be sold for 75% of their initial gold cost.
- Emporer cost change 550 -> 600 gold, attack speed boosted from 1.00 -> 0.85, New ability "Thirst" (50% lifesteal attack), Critical Strike research cost change 200 -> 230 gold.
- Orb cost change 130 -> 200 gold.
- Air Orb cost change 100 -> 200 gold.
- Blindling cost change 85 -> 70 gold.
- Faceless cost change 240 -> 280 gold. Shadowy Tendrils research cost change 175 -> 250 gold.
- Nightcrawler cost change 120 -> 160 gold.
- Rocket Hunter attack range change 350 -> 450.

Version 1.11
- Fixed possible cause of crashes related to buggy code with the "Spin Them Up!" upgrade and abilities.
- Rebalanced Spin Them Up. The upgrade no longer reduces base attack speed, but each stack now only gives 12% bonus attack speed. This should mean that having many Gattling Tanks doesn't punish them as much as before. However, the attack speed bonus now also decays immediately, rather than after a 6 second delay. The tooltip on the buff and the upgrade are also made more clear and concise.
- Fixed Winter's Veil upgrade Hotkey.
- The game now acknowledges when the creators enter play.

Version 1.11a
- Fixed Zicht and Condor upgrades disabling their air attacks. This is a terrible terrible oversight by Arxos. Blame him.

Version 1.12
- Fixed a multitude of spelling and factual errors in tooltips as well as some hotkeys (Thanks to novadis).
- The Nightmare upgrade has been renamed to "Ethereality" to help disambiguate it.
- Grizzly Tank health reduced 235 -> 205. Omega Shield duration reduced 2 -> 1 seconds.
- Fire Knight cost reduced 230 -> 200.
- Normal attacks vs Med Armour increased 100% -> 110%.
- Dismantling Attacks vs Light Armour increased 25% -> 35%.
- Dismantling Attacks vs Massive Armour increased 200% -> 250%.

Version 1.13
- Hotkeys and button positions reordered for more clarity.
- Fixed some incorrect hotkeys and tooltips.
- Enkindle cooldown reduced 6 -> 1 second.

Version 1.14
- Breakdown mechanic added to all mechanical units (i.e. Space Orc vehicles). Mechanical units that are not at 100% health will receive 0.04x(current missing health%) health degeneration and movement speed equivalent to its current health percentage. This means that at 50% health, a Space Orc tank will move 50% slower and suffer 2.0 health/sec degeneration, to a theoretical maximum of 99% move speed reduction and 3.96 health/sec degeneration. However, the unit cannot die from this degeneration, and will be "grounded" at 99.9% move speed reduction and 1 hp.
- Pulverizer attack range reduced 750 -> 700. Attack speed reduced 3.3 -> 4.4.
- Grizzly cost increased 175 -> 220.
- Gattling Tank cost increased 175 -> 220.
- Hedgehog damage type fixed Normal -> Dismantling.
- Magma Elemental Searing Heat upgrade replaced with Boiling Strike - gives Magma Elementals a 35% chance on each hit to deal 10 Special damage to all nearby enemy units.
- Fire Knight cost reduced 200 -> 175. Blaze of Glory upgrade also makes the Fire Knight explode after his 2 seconds of rampaging, dealing 15 Special Damage in a small area around him.

The Hero Patch Version 2.0
New Features
Heroes have been implemented. A hero costs 900 gold and can be sent only once every 4 minutes. To send a hero, you must also research Tier 3, your race super upgrade (Molten Fury / Ethereality / Resilient Swarm / Elite Training / Frozen Core) and have maximum level base income.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed Blindling Spawners refund being too high (from 64 to 53)
- Fixed Magma Elemental Spawner hotkey being incorrect
- Fixed Energy Tanks not casting Irradiate
- Fixed Frozen Core not increasing the displayed upgrade amount
- Fixed Glacial Colossus not being damaged by Air Orbs
- Fixed Glacial Colossus not having the Gigantic classification on the unit itself
- Fixed Glacial Colossus being webbed by Swarm Queens (Spitter/Skitterer Web still works)
- Fixed Faceless not being able to attack air units
- Fixed Zicht's Red Eye ability not casting on Condor Gunships
Balance Changes
- Magma Elemental - Boiling Strike chance on hit reduced from 35% to 25%
- Bladeblazer Spawner cost reduced from 690 to 630
- Flame Bird Multi-hit range increased from 450 to 500 (NOTE: Their primary target hit range is still 400!)
- Condor Gunship health decreased from 240 to 215
- Condor Gunship Spawner cost increased from 220 to 280
- Hedgehog range increased from 400 to 475
- Pulverizer Spawner cost decreased from 775 to 700
- Specialist Spawner cost reduced from 195 to 180
- Frigid Crawler changed to Frost Wolf
- Frost Wolf Spawner cost reduced from 90 to 85
- Frost Wolves now have a 10% chance to crit for triple damage. (Not an upgrade)
- Froststeel Bolter Spawner cost reduced from 125 to 110
- Froststeel Bolter attack cooldown lowered from 2.4 to 2.1
- Froststeel Fencer Spawner cost increased from 125 to 140
- Frost Giant health increased from 275 to 350
- Frost Giant - Permafrosted Skin damage reduction increased from 3 to 4
- Rime Gliders now cannot attack ground units while any air unit is within 1000 range
- Rime Glider - Aerial Charge now deals damage upon spell cast instead of impact
- Horror Spawner cost reduced from 800 to 700
- Horror - Soul Consumption now works on both allies and enemies
- Tentacles can now also trigger Ethereality

Version 2.0a
- Fixed the wave cleanup trigger. This means units should now properly only last for a maximum of 3 waves (i.e. 2 minutes) before dying automatically. This feature has been in the game from the beginning, but its buggy behaviour has only just been recognised now that heroes are in play.

- Frostwolf critical strike chance increased from 10% to 20%.
- Winter's Veil damage shield upgraded from 20 to 30.
- Anti-Light damage versus armoured targets reduced from 75% to 50%.
- Anti-Light damage versus massive targets reduced from 50% to 25%.
- The special units summoned by the Devourer's Infest ability (Maggots, Spiders, Fledgeling Swarms and Locusts) have all gained new abilities.
+ Maggots passively poison who they attack, dealing 6 damage per second for 10 seconds, lowering movement speed by 70%.
+ Spiders can cast Widow Strike, dealing 50 damage to a target, and an additional 15 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. During which, the target is slowed by 80%.
+ Fledgeling Swarms lower the armour of targets they attack by 10 for 30 seconds.
+ If a Locust kills an enemy unit, (0.05 x Max Health of Killed Unit) additional Locusts are created.

- Heroes now cannot be purchased before Wave 15. This is equivalent to 10 minutes of game time.
- Fixed Orbs not exploding. Blame Arxos.
- Fixed buff descriptions for Widow Strike, Blood Plague, Winter's Veil and Acidic Corrosion.
- Fixed damage / armour type text displays. They should now properly reflect the changes made in 2.01.
- Ignite (Firespawn Ability) duration increased from 3 to 9 seconds.
- Devourer's Infest should be visually more extreme when the target explodes.
- Spider's Widow Strike damage reduced from 50 (+15/3s) to 30 (+10/3s).
- Locusts now attack much more rapidly.
- Various upgrades have new flavour text, loaded with obscure references and jokes.

The Divine Patch (v3.0)
------ General ------
We've done a major cleanup and compression of the map in regards to the size, giving a reduction in map size of almost 1 MB despite the addition of the new race!
- Added The Divine race!
- The Fortress has had its health increased from 1200 to 4000, its health regeneration increased from 1 to 5, and its base damage increased from 32 to 67.
- Heroes purchase delay increased Wave 15 -> Wave 18.
- Various abilities now give vision of the area in which they have been cast, or on enemy units that they affect.

------ Bugfixes ------
- Fixed Fledgling Swarm's Acidic Corrosion not working on flying units
- Fixed Locusts not having any vision
- Fixed Locusts gaining 2 armor per upgrade instead of 3
- Fixed Widow Strike slowing attack speed instead of movement speed
- Fixed Aerial Charge not actually charging (it was doing the damage, just not the charge)
- Fixed a rare case that would cause the Frostlord to kill himself (yeah, seriously)
- Fixed a very rare case that would cause Freezing Tornado Runes to never detonate

------ Race Changes ------
--- Flamewakers ---
- Rising Inferno now continues on even if the Firelord dies
Flameborne Incinerator's Caldera (the AoE skill) has been reworked:
- Area of Effect: 800 -> 600
- Damage: 750 -> 600
- Cooldown 18s -> 11s
Flameborne Searknights Explosive Teleport has also been reworked:
- Damage: 250 -> 180 (Hero info said 300, but that wasn't correct)
- Cooldown: 12s -> 6s

--- The Swarm ---
Infest's unit spawning costs were changed significantly (what it does is it spawns units until it depletes its 'spawn points'):
- Fledgling Swarm spawn cost increased by 33%
- Locust spawn cost increased by 20%
- Spider's spawn cost increased by 25%
- Maggot's spawn cost increased by 133%
Additionally, some of the Infest units were changed:
- Spider's damage increased from 8 to 12, and they gain 2 per weapon upgrade instead of 1
- Spider's health increased from 40 to 50
- Spiders now have Normal armor instead of Light
- Locusts, upon killing a unit, create 1 new Locust for every 40 health of the killed unit, down from 20 health
- Locust's attack speed reduced from 0.4 to 0.6
- Fledgling Swarm's health increased from 50 to 70
Finally, all Infest units are now listed in the Devourer's information window

--- Space Orcs ---
- Megaton Shell's cooldown reduced from 16 to 15 seconds

--- Icecallers ---
- Any unused Arctic Circle Orbs will now detonate on the spot instead of vanishing when the Frostlord recasts the spell or dies
- Freezing Tornado Rune's detonation range increased from 200 to 250
- Freezing Tornado Rune's activated range increased from 300 to 400
- Freezing Tornado Rune now cools down twice as fast while no enemy units are within 1000 range

--- Nightmare ---
- Nightlord has stopped hiding his hero info!
- The Ghost has traded the ability to Fade for the ability to cast Darkness!
- Increased the cost of Darkness from 125 to 150
Moved around Special Upgrades:
- Ethereality Q -> R
- Anti-Photosis W -> Q
- Fade E -> W
- Darkness R -> E

------ General ------
Letting the pick timer expire will now give you a random available race instead of the first one available

------ Bugfixes ------
- Fixed Ascendant Chastise having a cast range shorter than its melee range (from 100 to 175)
- Fixed Incendius Firestorm having a cast time
- Fixed Orbs not having a visual effect on their explosion.

------ Race Changes ------
--- Flamewakers ---
- Incendius Spawner cost reduced from 400 to 360
- Flame Birds Evasion has been replaced by Burnout. This ability gives Flame Birds a 33% chance on hit to increase their attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds, however they lose 2 health per second while this is active. Additionally, Burnout also increases the Flame Birds maximum health by 25.

--- The Swarm ---
- Rockback Scarab Acid Mandibles now works on buildings
- Air Scourge's Stone Skin now grants 3 armor upgrade levels right away
- Swarmlord Spawner cost reduced from 760 to 650

--- Space Orcs ---
- Hedgehog range increased from 475 to 550

--- Icecallers ---
- Glaciator health increased from 95 to 135
- Glaciator damage increased from 20-22 to 32-36
- Glaciator damage per upgrade increased from 2 to 3
- Rime Glider Spawner cost reduced from 775 to 680

--- Nightmare ---
- Ghost Spawner cost reduced from 110 to 95
- Nightmare Spawner cost increased from 675 to 700
- Horror Spawner cost reduced from 700 to 675

--- The Divine ---
- Cleric Duty health regeneration rate reduced from 9 to 4
- Cleric Duty health bonus reduced from 60 to 20
- Seraphim attack damage reduced from 21-22 to 16-17
- Apotheosis range reduced from 650 to 500
- Apotheosis Spawner cost increased from 800 to 850
- Cleanse (Archangel Ability) now increases the radius of Cleansing Aura to 300%, up from 200%
- Cleanse (Archangel Ability) will now also knockback units within the inner half of the aura back on every pulse

------ General ------
+ Heroes spawned from wave 30 onward will now spawn together with your normal army.

------ Bugfixes ------
+ Fixed Froststeel Fencer, Frost Wolf and Sylphs not having any damage upgrade value (It's now 1 per upgrade for all of them)
+ Fixed Froststeel Guardians having Chilled Breath.
+ Fixed Glaciator's Ice Bolt casting issues.
+ Fixed Darkness upgrade to say that your Ghosts benefit as well

------ Race Changes ------
--- Icecallers ---
+ Froststeel Guardian health increased from 110 to 230
+ Froststeel Guardian base damage increased from 10-11 to 18-19
+ Victory Assault replaced by Stopping Power. This upgrade grants the Froststeel Bolters and Froststeel Guardians a 35% chance on hit to stun the target for 0.2 seconds.

--- The Divine ---
- Templar/Justicar Mana Shield now 25% -> 15% reduction from damage, and 1 -> 2 mana points per damage absorbed
- Templar cost increased 170 -> 190
- Justicar cost increased 125 -> 140
- Divine Storm's explosion now cannot hit more than 15 units
+ Ascendant's Cast Point reduced from 0.5 to 0.2.
- Crusader and Vindicator Infusing Armour now cancels when the caster reaches full mana.

--- The Swarm ---
+ Air Scourge health increased 55 -> 65.
+ Air Scourge attack cooldown versus ground units reduced 2.2 -> 1.4 seconds.
+ Air Scourge attack cooldown versus air units reduced 0.9 -> 0.5 seconds.
+ Stone Skin Upgrade replaced with Gore. This gives Air Scourges a 2 special damage per second bleed that lasts for 4 seconds when attacking air units. Stacks.
+ Air Scourge base damage versus land units increased 7 -> 10.
- Air Scourge base damage versus air units reduced 6 -> 4.
- Air Scourge spawner cost increased 125 -> 160.
+ Web upgrade replaced by Evolve Swarmlings. Evolve Swarmlings causes your 4 Swarmlings to be replaced by 2 Evolved Swarmlings. Evolved Swarmlings have 200% of the stats of a normal swarmling, and a 25% resistance to spell and ability attacks.
+ Spitters and Skitterers now have Web by default, and the Swarm Queen web can now also target land units.

- Fixed Vengeance Poison.
- Fixed Divine Storm 100 mana explosion.
- Energy Armour values changed: 15% -> 20% damage reduction. 2 -> 3 mana per point of damage absorbed.

Version 4.0
------ General ------
+ Added Demonspawn race!
+ Added Tidebringers race!
+ Researched special upgrade buttons now remain on the Special Upgrades building for re-reading purposes
+ Greatly lowered the effect intesity on Holy Rain
+ Adjusted the size of some Spawners to be more accurate to actual unit size
+ Updated Incendius' model, it now has a portrait

------ Bugfixes ------
Made a thorough scan through all units for incorrect values, so hopefully this'll be the last update of 'Fixed random value in random unit'
- Fixed Faceless having a slightly higher movement speed than all other units
- Fixed Swarmlords and Tentacles having lower targetting priority than all other units
- Fixed Shadow Constructs (Air) and Locusts having a too short acquisition range
- Fixed a number of units having incorrect sight ranges
- Fixed the Archangel air attack and Ursa Major air attack not being affected by weapon upgrades
- Fixed some rounding errors in sell prices (Fire Spawn, Incarnation, Judgement)
- Fixed Replenish not having any casting range if Forethought is researched (The replenishing humping will never be forgotten)
- Fixed Land Orbs not displaying the explosion effect
- Fixed Judgements Consecration not activating if the Judgement died while no enemy units were in range of the explosion
- Fixed Wildfire having the wrong hotkey (W -> F)
- Fixed Zeal having the wrong hotkey (S -> W)
- Fixed Divine Infusion having the wrong hotkey (S -> R)
- Fixed certain cases where the Space Orcs' Breakdown Effect could kill the unit

------ Race Changes ------
--- Flamewakers ---
+ Phoenix Fire reworked. It now stacks with multiple Phoenixes and deals up to 3 damage per second to enemy units within 500 range. Damage dealt is decreases based on how far away the unit is.
+ Phoenix health increased from 370 to 435

--- Space Orcs ---
+ Specialists range increased from 425 to 500
+ Specialists Sniper Scope range bonus increased from 200 to 250, additionally it now grants 25% attack speed while there are no units within 200 range.
+ Specialists Sniper Scope cost increased from 100 to 150, no longer requires Tier 2
+ Specialists Reveal Weakness range increased from 700 to 750 to match their new range
+ Grizzly Tanks Omega Shield duration increased from 1 to 4 seconds

--- Nightmare ---
- Nightmare Parasitic Infection duration reduced from 20 to 10 seconds

Version 4.0a
- Fixed some typos.
- Void Lord explosion no longer deals damage, but banishes for 5 seconds up from 3. Also fixed the Soul Splinter upgrade.

Version 4.1
- The Defence Tower no longer has any health regeneration.
- Air Scourges will no longer attack any land units until all air units in the area are killed first, similar to how Rime Gliders currently function.
- Attack speed of Grand Warlocks increased (1.8 -> 1.1)
- Vengeance Poison damage doubled (20/s -> 40/s)
- Doom Guard spawner cost reduced (510 -> 450)
- Royal Guards now have Pierce Armour - attacks reduce enemy armour by 6 for 3 seconds.
- Sea Giant's Giant Fortitude increased from 12 to 16 base armour.
- The health of Soul Splinter minions has been reduced, and they now have -5hp/s degeneration, but their damage has been doubled.
- Fire Knights are now invulnerable while Leaping.
- Fel Stalker's magic resistance increased 75% -> 99%
- Doom Guard air and ground attacks made identical in damage.
- Brutalizer attack damage increased by approximately 33%.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Soul Splitter for real this time.
- Fixed a variety of spells and abilities not dealing damage to Ethereal targets.
- Fixed damage types of Brutalizers and Doom Guards to properly reflect their tooltips.

UI Changes
- Fixed some typos of some upgrade tooltips and spacing in abilities of some units.
- Buff tooltip of Demonic Frenzy changed to indicate that health is only lost while in the presence of enemies. This was originally always the case, but a tooltip was not in place to tell you this.

Current Version Information
Version 5.0 brings new balance changes geared towards making the game end faster and rewards aggressive early play.

System Changes:
- A new "Middle Control" function has been added. Having your units enter the middle of the map when no enemy is present will grant control of a marker called "Middle Control". For as long as your team controls the middle, you will earn 1 gold per second per level of resource income you have. This income cannot be frozen.
- There are now 2 defence towers leading to the enemy fortress. Destroying a tower gets you 300 gold, but if you destroy more towers your streak is increased, earning you 600 gold on the next tower. Your streak can be broken if the enemy team takes one of your towers. You do not earn gold when you either break your enemy's streak, or both of your towers have already been taken. This is referred to in-game as "The Aggro Bonus".

Balance Changes:
- Icecaller Upgrade "Stopping Power" stun duration increased 0.2 -> 0.75.
- Fortress attack speed reduced 0.4 -> 1.2
- Fortress base attack damage increased 67 -> 120
- Defence Tower armour reduced 8 -> 6

Version 5.0a
- Middle control is now just a flat 3 gold per second bonus.

Bug Fixes:
- Middle control should now switch much more consistently (it was counting corpses as viable enemies to make the middle neutral).


Map Coding - Damage & Arxos
Terrain - Damage
Nightmare Race Design - Damage
Icecaller Race Design - Arxos
Flamewaker Race Design - Damage
Space Orcs Race Design - Damage & Arxos
The Swarm Race Design - Damage
The Divine Race Design - Damage & Arxos
Custom Abilities - Arxos
Custom Upgrades - Arxos
Balance Testing - Damage, Arxos, Floris2, xxAgeOfHadesxx, Raven98
Models, Skins and Icons - JetFangInferno, 67chrome, Frankster, shamanyouranus, Zerox, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Marcos DAB, donut3.5, Kitabatake, Skrik, chilla killa, Mc !, GooS, Pyramidhe@d, Suselishe, FrIkY, Tarrasque. antihero, Ramza, Thrikodius, alfredx_sotn, The_Silent, olofmoleman, Nightmare Moon, Darkfang, Marcos DAB, Golden-Drake, Big Dub, sPy, tee.dubs, Kuhneghetz, Callahan, DonDustin, Dentothor, Pins, Amigurumi, M0rbid, NFWar, Waldbaer, Daelin, Champara Bros, KelThuzad, PeeKay, Palaslayer, NFWar, asdfADRiAN, HammerFist132, Dionesiist, Li0neSS, Norinrad, Tranquil, ratamahatta, FrIkY, chr2, Darkholme, 67chrome
Systems - Paladon's GUI Knockback and Jump Systems, Magtheridon96's GUI Spell Event System

Feel free to leave comments and please rate and vote! If you're missing from the credits, and want to point out your resource in the game, please say so and I'll add you immediately!

Strategy, Custom Races, Custom Techtree, Resources, Competitive, Multiplayer, Damage

Desert Smite v5.0a (Map)

Vengeancekael: Private Message Date: 2012/Jan/14 17:17:15 Reasons: Other: Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object...
  1. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    As mentioned above, please leave comments, balance discussions, bug reports, requests for Credits mentions or anything else you want to comment on in this thread.
  2. eubz


    Map Reviewer

    Mar 29, 2011
    Well, it is much better to write everything (your credits) here than having someone request for it.
  3. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    Indeed, but I can't remember exactly who's resources I downloaded. There's literally over 150 different things. Arxos had a list of about 70ish that he used, but it doesn't include my stuff.
  4. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    Added a full credits list by request from vengeancekael.
  5. En3RgY_Chacal


    Jul 9, 2007
    hello, it's a good map but need an ability to destroy the building :) for change it :)
  6. ImperialShadow


    Oct 30, 2010
    Damage,here the report lol.when i play space orc with fren my war3 will fatal error maybe it the race problem and also the nightmare zicht when upgrade it should able to attack ground and air.but when i upgrade it,it only attack ground.

    Also,did the damage upgrade?Cause when i upgrade the melee or range in ice,nightmare and space ore it damage wont go up still remain the same.

    Example:space ore marine 5-6 damage still no upgrade,but when i upgrade the damage still same.
  7. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    1) The fatal error isn't an issue caused by the map. It could be that the game lasted an extremely long time and therefore War3 ran out of memory, or it could just be a generic failure in War3. I can't really say much else without some really detailed information about this.

    2) Zichts will tend to attack whatever they feel like when upgraded. They can still attack air, it's just that sometimes they choose not to. Their red laser ability though will definitely be used against air, so they don't lose all AA capabilities. Zichts themselves are very tactical units - you should only buy the upgrade if the enemy is spamming lots of land massive units that can attack air (for example, Blade Blazers), but they will be useless against basic anti-units like Hydralisks, Ghosts, Marines etc... If you don't purchase the upgrade, it will force them to focus on air units, and as such they will tear apart Phoenixes and the like very easily - but again, they could be easily distracted by Flame Birds, or Air Scourges which they're very bad against. Therefore, you should consider Zichts more as a tactical nuke against very specific enemy builds, and not as a general all round use air unit.

    3) Are you quite sure? This has been tested extensively and works perfectly fine on mine, Arxos and Floris2's computers. There's even a screenshot showing it working perfectly fine here:
    Please give me more information, so that I might be able to ascertain what is happening in your case.

    EDIT: Updated to Version 1.02. Mostly changes to the Fortress Building to help reduce the chance of stalemates.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2012
  8. MogulKahn


    Sep 24, 2009
    Sounds interesting, gonna try it ! =D
  9. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    Please rate and comment when you've had a play with it.
  10. clockwork2


    Jan 26, 2010
    I CANNOT WAIT FOR HEROES!!!!srsly, lovely custom races.would like some AI, but other then that it is a fantastic game.i especially love the special race only techs.gives each race a form of unique abilities.
  11. banner_bg


    Oct 16, 2011
    I guess this is like survival chaos
  12. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    There's no survival aspect in the game at all. It's much more like Castle Fight.
  13. clockwork2


    Jan 26, 2010
    it's more like a reverse TD,with the players invading the other teams tower and fortress..
  14. CAM_mE_iS_Newb


    Feb 28, 2009
    My Reviews: #1 - Desert Smite


    Desert Smite is a map heavily inspired by the popular Desert Strike map from Starcraft II. This map pushes you to devise your own strategies using one of the five races available.

    When you make buildings within your building area, units corresponding to each building will spawn on the playing field at the beginning of each round. There are two teams, with a max of four players on each side. Because only one player's units from each team is spawned at the beginning of each round, you can use your slot placement to your advantage.

    A lot of the fun from this game is derived from the custom models and unique abilities/units. I was pleasantly surprised to see that no units from the stock Warcraft III game were used, and it was all completely custom made. This game is a breath of fresh air and I personally like it even more than Desert Strike.

    I have played this game in-house with my Warcraft III group quite a few times. We've never been able to get a full 8 player game going, but played quite a few 2v2s and 3v3s.


    Playability: 3/5

    Desert Smite is a wonderfully made map which made an amazing first impression upon myself and friends. The strategy is easy to grasp and you will have fun even as a first-time player.

    Unfortunately, the game suffers from occasional crashes 5-10 minutes into the game. Out of the 10 or so games I played, Desert Smite crashed on us 3 times.

    Overall, this means that Desert Smite scores a 3 out of 5 in this category.

    Originality: 4/5

    While Desert Smite is not an original idea, the races are wonderfully inspired and I find myself drooling over the Iceborne no matter how much I play. The units are set up in such a way that watching the battles is fascinating.

    I believe that the fact that the idea was not original, even if everything else is, means that Desert Smite deserves a 4 out of 5 for originality.

    Balance: 4.5/5

    Desert Smite is set up in such a way that every race has it's own unique strategy while still being able to adapt well. I find that some strategies are simply not fun to play against, such as being the last slot on your team, picking Flamewakers, waiting on income, and then spamming orbs while using higher tech units in the back. It completely throws off the momentum and from what I could see, some races just have no defense against it (Iceborne).

    Thankfully, the other races do not suffer from a weakness to this, especially the Space Orcs with their Gatling Tanks. I may be biased because Iceborne is my favorite, but my other friends agreed that this was a problem.

    As such, I give Desert Smite a 4.5 out of 5 for Balance.

    Terrain: 4/5

    While the Terrain in Desert Smite isn't anything to write home about, Desert Strike had simplistic, yet effective terrain as well. The terrain could use with a bit of love, but unfortunately too much and it would just detract from the game. The terrain is in a good place in my opinion.

    I give Desert Smite a 4 out of 5 here.

    Effort: 5/5

    The creators of this map really worked hard, and it shows just by playing the map a few times. Everything is well done, the map description has effort put into it, and I don't see any evidence of laziness.

    I commend Damage and Arxos for really trying to stand out compared to other maps, and breaking away from their namesake.

    In this final category, I award a 5 out of 5.

    Overall: 4.1/5 - Very Good

    If you feel my review is not fair or you would like me to re-review, let me know.



    #1 Is it possible to make the game 'Reset' after it ends?

    #2 The Defense Tower might need to be a bit stronger, it's rather weak in the beginning.

    #3 Add the possibility to destroy spawner buildings, one 3v3 my friends and I played literally got down to where everyone's areas were filled completely and it was a stalemate for a good 20 minutes before someone won due to sheer luck.

    #4 One of my friends suggested that the Rocket Marine have more range, he felt it was way too low.

    #5 The fatal error did not seem to be caused by length, in the game I mentioned above that went on for an hour, we had no crashes at all, just a lot of lag. To contrast, I just had a game crash after about 10 minutes. It seems every game we crash there's an Space Orcs player, and we usually don't if there isn't one. Further investigation may be necessary.

  15. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    1) Unfortunately, due to the way that Upgrades are implemented, it would be impossible to "unresearch" them at the end of the game, as the Warcraft 3 engine is incapable of doing such a thing.

    2) A reasonable concern. We tried to balance the Tower around it possibly being killable by the 3rd to 4th wave if you built your army specifically for the purpose of killing it. In earlier implementations, it was lasting far too long. Like the Desert Strike in Starcraft II, we thought that if the player invested in early anti-armour attacks and went all out assault, they should be rewarded for the aggressive tactic with a nice burst of gold at the beginning.

    3) Selling spawn buildings is definitely something we will implement in the near future. Expect such an update to be available around next week or so.

    4) A fair point. They could do with buffing in some way, as people rarely seem to build them.

    5) As for crashes, we're no technical experts, so beyond literally playing the game more and just guessing at what may cause the issues, we can't do much. We'll definitely try to find out what may be causing it, but we can't offer any guarantees however.

    Also, I'd just like to say that was one of the best reviews I've ever received - really well thought out and I appreciate the effort.

    EDIT: Oh, one little note. They're the "Icecallers" not "Iceborne" but whatever :p
  16. CAM_mE_iS_Newb


    Feb 28, 2009
    No problem, I wrote it out because I want you to be able to improve!

    Thanks for answering my suggestions individually, my friends are glad that the Rocket Marine is getting buffed.

    And about the Icecallers/Iceborne... yeah, my bad. Always mixed it up when we played it too.

    If I have anything else I'll let you know.

    EDIT: Oh and, any input on my point about Orbs? Would be good to hear something about it from the map creator, could settle the little debate about it in our group.

    EDIT 2: One last thing... would you mind if I posted some replays in this thread?
  17. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    Post as many replays as you want, and I'll add them to the front page.

    As for Orbs... well, I'm assuming that the tactic involves getting quite literally Unholy amounts of them, particularly seeing as the Icecallers have such huge armour. Due to some reason we're not sure why also, the Icecaller's Rimegliders seems to stack up really stupidly in the air, so even they'd get shredded if you had enough Air Orbs.

    However, from what you say, the other races don't seem to be suffering too much from Orbs... I'm guessing it's due to the Orcs having a lot of heavy armour and ranged damage, while the Nightmares actually benefit if the enemy spams too much (Shadow Constructs / Tentacles for example). As for the Swarm... well, I guess they have so many units that they just absorb most of the Orbs.

    This may mean we need to do some laser-guided balance changes. Currently Orbs are useful units without being too blatantly overpowered, but if like you say, they're too effective against the Icecallers, then perhaps we can consider something here. We'd like to be very careful though on what we change about them - after all, we don't want to make them useless.

    EDIT: Joined your Steam Group.
  18. CAM_mE_iS_Newb


    Feb 28, 2009
    Welcome! And yes, it seems to just be the Icecallers. No idea what it is, I believe it's the lack of decent long-range damage or soak abilities. I have even tried giants and they melt as well.