Demonic Inquisitor

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Demonic mage hero, inspired by inquisitors from WoW and one concept art I found in the internet. Tested in game, based on Lich. I hope someone will find him useful :-D. Feel free to edit (both the model and the skin) as long as you give me credits.

PS:weir blue lines visible in model viewer and in magos are not seen in game. I have no idea why they appear.

Demonic Inquisitor (Model)

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Jun 27, 2010
Love the concept since there's only a few new Legion models on the Hive thanks to FerSZ, and this one is missing; however, it's extremely simple and very.. uhm blocky? I'd love to see you rework it. :)

For example: the Inquisitor has horns; your model has none making it look like Malthael from Diablo with that KKK hood

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