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[Hero Arena] Defenders of Aggra

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Level 9
Apr 23, 2011

Hello everyone, I'm glad to say after a long session of concept development, we are finally getting to work on our map, and making progress. With the intention to finish the alpha phase of development at the end of May or middle of June, the map will require a lot of attention. Although some may have heard of our map, many have not and we are going to explain the entirety of the map "as is" here. Without further ado, let's get to the concepts.

The systems in our map, like in most if not all maps, are incredibly important. We separated a lot of the core functions to make it more manageable. We sorted the systems into four categories: Initialization, Game Systems, Core Systems, and Hero Systems.

Under Initialization there is only one trigger: the Map initialization setup.
Under Game Systems we store all of the libraries for the six game modes available.
Under Core systems, we store all external libraries from other developers, as well as the systems we use as the basis of the map's function.
Under Hero Systems all the hero libraries are stored for their abilities.
If you would like more detailed information about our libraries, you can check them out here.

Along with all the coding and work being put into game play, an extensive lore is being developed for the map. The lore will be incorporated into the map in many ways, and we hope players will find it as adding an aesthetic quality to the map. Lore link will be posted here when it is completed.

Game Modes
We have 6 possible game modes, with different requirements for each. In all game modes, players will receive .5% of their experience to next level every 1 second. Players also gain 1 gold every 2 seconds. The map is designed so that multiple rounds can be played, i.e 1 round of Domination and then 2 rounds of Capture the Flag.

Players: 2v2v2, 3v3v3, 4v4v4, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6
Description: There are 9 bases on the map, 2 on each side of the map, and one in the center. 2-3 teams play for 100-5000 points. Every 5 seconds your team holds a base(s), you gain total points from bases + locations. For 1 location you only gain 2. Bases are gained by channeling the given ability on the base for 2 seconds. After 20 seconds, the base will be claimed for your team, unless another team or the defending team channels the base, in which it will be put up for assault again or restored respectively.

Capture the Flag:
Players: 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6
Description: In Capture the Flag, teams fight for control over the flag center (arena) in the middle of the map. Players will contend for between 3 and 20 flag captures. To make 3 flag capture games longer, the flag will not spawn until 2 minutes of game time, and after it is captured there is a 2 minute delay only for 3 captures.

Players: 3v1, 6v2, 9v3
Description: Infection is a spin-off of a zombie assault, in which 1/4 of the players are "infected" and by killing an enemy 3 times causes them to become infected. If the players survive 25 minutes, they win.

Death Match:
Players: 2-12
Description: Death Match is a FFA mode in which players fight to gain the most kills, ranging from 10-50. This mode is the basic Hero brawl.

Team Death Match:
Players: 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 2v2v2, 3v3v3, 4v4v4
Description: Team Death Match is much like Death Match, but no longer FFA and kills range from 20-150.

Players: FFA
Description: Low visibility causes game play to be gank filled, with an unlimited amount of lives, and 30 minutes to gain strength before the demon Meja is released into the arena and begins to roam the map. The first one to kill him is victorious.

Map Play style
The map is fluid in play as having a different number of players affects your possible game modes. Having an odd number of players allows FFA, with two game modes: Blackout and Death match (see Game Modes), and any range from 2-12 even players allows different layouts. The game will theoretically loop infinitely, but it is assumed that the map will eventually run out of memory. After game play for a round is completed, the player in the first spot numerically is prompted to continue or end the game. Upon ending the game, everything that occurred in the last round is deleted: heroes, champions, bases, values reset, creeps respawned, etc.. The map will attempt to recycle and clear data as efficiently as possible to ensure stability throughout.

Terrain Layout
The terrain layout is being created now, and the picture will be uploaded soon. Currently we are looking at a free roam arena, which will include minor, optional objectives to boost your team or yourself, as well as the changes which will be system coded depending on the mode chosen. Because there are so many modes to pick, the map will be subjected to different approaches of positioning and different styling techniques to not only make it functional but be aesthetically appealing as well. The terrain is only going to be a concern during major system development and during terrain layout. We are still working on the draft of the map's layout, but it will be posted when we are done.

Our item system is fairly simple: you buy Basic items, upgrade them to T0, and continue to upgrade through a total of 7 tiers. The tiers are:
  • T1: Honor
  • T2: Valor
  • T3: Victory
  • T4: Savagery
  • T5: Remorse
  • T6: Triumph
  • T7: Reckless
For each Tier there are 3 versions of each piece of 3 sets. There's a metal set, a leather set and a cloth set. When a piece is T4, it gains a bonus stat. The versions are:
  • Brutal: Damage, Str, Chance True Damage, HP, MP. T4: Cleave
  • Juggernaut: Armor, Str, HP, Atk Spd, MP. T4: Reguvenating Armor
  • Conqueror: Damage, Str, Lifesteal, HP, MP. T4: Crusader's Might
  • Assassin: Damage, Agi, Attack Speed, HP, MP. T4: Heartseeker
  • Shadow: Damage, Agi, Chance True Damage, HP, MP. T4: Of the Night
  • Nightreaver: Damage, Agi, HP, MP, Lifesteal. T4: Streamline
  • Magi: Spellpower (SP), Int, MP, HP, Chance to slow. T4: Spellthread
  • Chaos: SP, Int, MP, HP, Spell Vamp. T4: Unstable Infusion
  • Soothing Currents: SP, Int, MP, HP, Mana Regen. T4: Spirit's Blessing
Here are what the T4 benefits do:
  • Cleave - Deals 4% per item splash to nearby enemies.
  • Rejuvenating Armor - Restores 1% MaxHP per item every 2 seconds.
  • Crusader's Might - Grants +2% Str per item.
  • Heartseeker - Grants a 3.6% chance to crit for 1.75 damage per item.
  • Of the Night - Gains 2% evasion per item.
  • Streamline - Grants 2% Agility per item.
  • Spellthread - For each item, grants 3% spellpower.
  • Unstable Infusion - Grants 2% int per item.
  • Spirit's Blessing - Supportive spells are 1.5% more effective per item.

Heroes are a significant design struggle, as we are always attempting to work on balancing them, and make them fun and interesting. Heroes for us are a big concern in that they need to be original in the map. Why pick Hero A if Hero C is the same? The other things about heroes are the lore and the balancing. It is a desire to have all the heroes have a back story and a logical purpose. I would like to get someone on the team for Hero Concept Design too. We also have a Hero Balancing Team (HBT), and we will need them when we get there.

Team Information
As development has started, we are now looking for members for our development team. The listings are posted below. The Submission page is linked in my signature, please use it.
Concept Development Team:
Model and Animation:1-2
Hero Balancing Team:4

Map Development Team:
Systems Designer:1
Hero Programmer:1-2

Quality Assurance Team:
All members of Hero Balancing Team.
Beta Testers:4
Keep the thread alive and check back as we continue to work on the map. We hope to update at least once a week. Check my Signature for the link to the Recruiting Page and check out our blog for more information on the project (click the pic). Thanks to the community for being supportive and we hope to get more support as we are fully developing now.
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