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Defenders of Aggra Project Recruitment

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Apr 23, 2011
Hello everyone. This thread was put here in order to list the FULL recruitment list, as needed. If you want to get more info on the project, feel free to read through the idea factory post here or visit us at our Official Blog courtesy of Blogger.com for more information. The only way to apply is to go here and submit an application. If you simply want to support this project, keep both of our threads alive, give us suggestions or follow us on blogger.com.

Below are the current postings for ALL positions available, some positions are not currently active, while some are.

Recruitment Postings
Concept Development Team:
Terrain Design Team:1
Model and Animation:1-2
Graphic Design(Splash, banners, signatures, Hero Concept Profiles):1
Hero Balancing Team:4

Map Development Team:
Systems Designer:1
Hero Programmer:1-2
Audio Organizer:1

Quality Assurance Team:
All members of Hero Balancing Team.
Beta Testers:4
Some clarifications may be in order:
There is a difference between the Hero Balancing Team and the Beta Testers. The Hero Balancing Team does NOT work on the actual map, we test hero balancing on a separate map. Beta testers specifically are looking for bugs with systems, items, models and any other problems. Hero testers are working with the spells, mechanics, and strength of heroes.

The Audio Organizer gathers/mixes the audio used in the map. We need quite a few sounds, but this is optional, if we find someone then we find someone, but if not that's acceptable.

Graphic Design is one of our most needed positions right now, in fact the entire Concept Development Team is needed ASAP. We plan to begin Map Development on March 16th. If we are not ready to start map development on March 16th then we will delay until March 27th. Until we are ready, Quality Assurance team members will not be needed. The Concept Development Team is needed immediately, the Map Development Team is needed starting either March16 or March27, depending how long it takes for concept development.
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