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Dark Valle v0.45

Submitted by senlos
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.

Dark Valley v0.45

Choose one of four heroes. After all the evil forces in the valley yet. When you and your friends through 25 levels of ability to quit. 25 levels of evil forces to kill the boss. 4 hero has their own skills. And thus can take more abuse of power is stopped, you stop.


Show Changelog

Dark Valley v0.45

First release

Dark Valle v0.45 (Map)

12:49, 5th Sep 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
  1. 12:49, 5th Sep 2010
    ap0calypse: Rejected
  2. light bolt30

    light bolt30

    Jan 31, 2009
    Your description is short, doesn't tell me how to play and it isn't clear of what the map is about. Judging from the screenshot, the map doesn't seem good in terms of the terrain.
  3. AsXurian


    Nov 24, 2008
    I agree, the name doesn't sound bad though i wonder if you meant to put a Y after Valle, but description is next to nothing in detail. And if i'm considered a grammer nazi for this, so be it. The grammer in the current description is appaling. Speaking from experience the first thing a tester/critic/anyone looks at is the description. If its plain/short and with bad grammer they will not take the game seriously. they will say get a better screenshot and then leave.

    I suppose that is true. But i follow the saying never judge a book by its cover. Before i comment on ANYTHING in the game I must try it.
  4. dead-man-walking


    Nov 30, 2009
    Horrible, just horrible.

    Terrain is pretty bad, no tile variation whatsoever. Green DISBTNs everywhere. No credit to Icon authors. Blizzard Items with edited price. Et cetera.

    I simply cannot comprehend why I wasted my time to actually download and test this... I dunno what is this to be exact. It's simply a lost cause.

    Better scrap this off and start anew.

    Vote for Rejection
  5. -Kobas-


    Jan 17, 2010
    senlos map is unfinished and that is rule breaking at first place, then you must explain this:
    Created by By_X-CRAZY ; Uploaded by: senlos
    But if we forget about that let me show you some bad stuff!

    Map Description is horrible, check this map for example: Scars of War
    Dude lost 1 hour to make that, but people can see all about map, check some pictures etc etc, they will just ignore your map when they saw it!
    Few pictures and change log don't work!

    BB Code List: Click
    Color List: Click
    Need pictures for your map Description? - Come here!
    Map Description Templates
    The importance of a Description

    Terrain is very poor, you must add more tiles, more doodads in first place!
    Blizzard Cliffs are really poor! Add some special effect like doodads, lightning effect like doodads! Whole Terrain should be re created!

    Terrain Tutorials

    Beginners F.A.Q To Terraining [22 May 2009 21:18]iPeez
    Creating a Dungeon Entrance [07 Oct 2009 14:07]X-OMG-X
    Creating Rivers with Rolling Shores [31 Dec 2006 21:56]1337D00D
    Editing Cliff Skins [02 Jan 2009 20:17]Argus
    How to Make Easy Waterfalls [10 Nov 2009 08:38]RoboHippo
    How to make good looking lava in WE [03 Feb 2010 13:50]Piwlady
    How to remove Blight's green clouds [26 Oct 2009 04:11]Stathisdjs
    iPeez's Complete Terraing Tutorial v1.0 [18 Jan 2009 18:38]iPeez
    Natural Environments [30 Aug 2008 21:42]~Void~
    Pathing - Everything about it [01 Jan 2010 18:33]Dr. Boom
    Playable Terrain: Islands [06 Sep 2008 08:41]Belgarath
    Playable Terrain: Overgrown Forests [03 May 2008 01:27]Belgarath
    Polishing Your Game [25 May 2010 00:55]N1ghthawk
    Terrain Overgoes - a small guide [28 Sep 2009 04:33]Belgarath
    Terrain: Advanced Lighting [13 Feb 2008 05:41]~Void~
    Terrain: Forest Cliffs [06 May 2007 11:48]Jattenalle
    Terraining - Path by the Sea [16 Feb 2008 02:23]Belgarath
    Terraining Tut. - Forests [04 Dec 2006 03:52]HernanG
    The Ultimate Beginners Terrain Tutorial [12 Jun 2007 13:31]HermanTheGibbon
    Various Terraining Tips! [17 Sep 2009 21:59]Revolve

    Well I attached links to few tut here on THW and to their Authors!
    Some are easy some are for advanced users!

    Some have little to do with terrain some much more!
    Pls at least scroll down each one just to check pictures!

    If you really want to learn how to terrain, check also other sites like
    and others...

    open maps, check terrain contest etc etc, check terrain board and people showcases, explore user albums, search Hive... You can always ask some user for help, join to Chat room sometimes (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/apps.php?p=gochat)

    :razz: 2 Much work to do right...

    Bad Triggers, Memory leaks, will ruin your game, because awesome lag will crush game, and bugs will become so bothering!
    • Hero select 5
      • Events
        • Unit - A unit enters Region 011 <gen>
      • Conditions
      • Actions
        • Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to (Center of Region 016 <gen>), facing Default building facing degrees
    This one create location leak when unit enter to that region! Check tutorials attached below!
    Btw there are few triggers (20 max), all of them can be put into 5 or 6 instead!
    GUI Tutorials

    2D Array Tutorial [10 Aug 2008 11:13]TriggerHappy
    A Collection of GUI Systems > Basic to Advanced (Incomplete) [27 Aug 2008 19:36]Kwah
    Advanced votekick tutorial just 6 triggers needed [06 Jan 2008 02:46]marcotjuhhhh
    Aquiring Abilities with Items [09 Dec 2007 11:29]PiCkstix
    Array Tutorial [13 May 2005 15:10]Draqz
    Arrow Key Movement / Camera System [14 Nov 2007 22:32]OneEight7even
    Basic Memory Leaks [03 Jan 2006 07:48]Ralle
    Basic Triggering [03 Jan 2006 07:11]Ralle
    Basics of a Cinematic [28 Aug 2006 09:02]Archian
    Basics of a Dialog [06 Mar 2007 17:09]Orc_Tamer
    Basics of Trigger Enhancing Spells [26 Nov 2006 07:53]Daelin
    Basics of Triggers [03 Apr 2007 14:40]Archian
    Buying abilitys [08 Aug 2007 14:55]Parrothead
    Chapter 1 - Static shapes (GUI) [26 Nov 2006 08:16]Daelin
    Chapter 2 - Dynamic Effects (GUI) [26 Nov 2006 08:05]Daelin
    Coloured Names [26 Dec 2009 23:20]sPy
    Complete and Concise GUI Tutorial [27 Dec 2008 16:56]Zypher
    Complete GUI Trigger Index/List [20 Oct 2006 09:17]Knights
    Create a sucessfull timer with window (reuploaded) [07 Sep 2008 09:05]Cheezeman
    Create precise timing cinematic using real variable [22 Apr 2009 21:54]Septimus
    Creating a First Person Camera [06 Aug 2008 06:58]Magamdy
    Creating a Hero Pick System: The Easier Way. [30 Dec 2007 11:51]Shantari
    Creating a Votekick System [07 Nov 2007 21:34]1)ark_NiTe
    Creating Easy Multi-User Quests [15 Aug 2007 10:02]The_Big_S
    Creating Enterable/Exitable Houses [25 Feb 2008 19:49]Tekal
    Creating some basic abilities [22 Apr 2007 04:45]paskovich
    Creep Respawn (GUI) [13 Apr 2008 16:05]SkriK
    Difficulty System - The Easy Way [05 Jun 2009 16:39]hunalexnl
    Dynamic Values Storage [25 Mar 2009 12:28]Kingz
    Essentials Tutorial [22 Aug 2009 06:25]Deuterium
    Exploration of Vertex Coloring [20 Jan 2007 11:45]chovynz
    Flexible Arrow Key Movement System [23 Apr 2010 16:03]RazorbladeRay
    Full Menus and Buttons Toturial [15 Apr 2008 05:57]xXCRIMINALXx
    Game Caches [18 Mar 2006 06:18]Bob27
    Gamespeed Keys [04 Oct 2007 14:22]Saitek009
    GUI - Hero Click-Selection (Advanced) [04 Oct 2007 13:27]Fulla
    Hashtables and MUI [26 Jun 2009 11:54]wyrmlord
    Hero Defense Template [25 Jan 2008 23:02]vnakira
    Hero Selection Systems [20 Aug 2007 06:33]Eleandor
    Hero Selection Systems [23 Mar 2007 15:03]Tonks
    How to begin in triggering, for the complete noob [24 Jan 2009 12:45]hawk_767
    How to make a Chain spell (GUI Version) [13 Aug 2006 12:09]Daelin
    How to make a Find that Person Quest. [11 Apr 2008 11:27]Dark Hunter1357
    How to Make Buildable Gates [20 Apr 2008 16:48]Mashintao
    How To Make Item Recipes [16 May 2007 09:29]Tooolbox
    How to make Professions [14 Sep 2008 06:59]Airandius
    How to make slow motion special effects [28 Nov 2007 15:27]nathanman
    How to trigger Auto-cast (Arrow) Abilities [26 Apr 2010 14:05]Stonebludgeon
    IDS (Infinite Number of Item Classes) [29 Mar 2010 06:59]-Kobas-
    Introduction To Trigger-Enhancing Spells [27 Jul 2004 13:32]whitenights
    Item-drop-system [06 Mar 2009 11:05]SlayerII
    Leaderboards [10 Aug 2006 06:18]Archian
    Lumber/Food Clock [25 Oct 2009 06:44]Arowanna92
    Making a full TD [Reviewed: Ralle] [27 Jun 2008 12:51]Ostaph13
    Making a Grenade Type Spell [14 Jul 2008 20:07]PrisonLove
    Making a Maze [11 Feb 2009 11:40]DarkLordX
    Making an Open Rpg [12 Jan 2006 01:43]Ralle
    Making any Spell Autocasting [15 Mar 2006 13:49]Ralle
    Making Elevators [25 Nov 2008 06:58]cool_is_i
    Multi-Instancible GUI Spell Making [26 May 2007 11:56]wyrmlord
    Multiboard Counter [30 Dec 2008 09:30]Squiggy
    Multiboards [11 Apr 2006 04:41]Bob27
    Multiple Creep Spawn System [12 Apr 2007 07:05]DoOs_101
    Off-site Tutorials [14 Sep 2009 12:52]Pyritie
    Point To Point Unit System [25 Jan 2009 22:59]rover2341
    PSN Hero Selection [23 Nov 2007 06:52]Kieve
    Quests [22 Feb 2006 23:15]Bob27
    RDZ's Incredible Item Stacking System of Doom [05 Oct 2005 12:28]Rao Dao Zao
    Reviving Heroes at a Changeable Region [23 Mar 2010 00:35]dOT145
    Save/Load Compression [28 Aug 2008 08:02]Hoernchen
    Simple Triggered Hero Artificial Intelligence in GUI [02 May 2007 03:38]DenZel94
    Spells - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [25 Jul 2004 13:27]The_Raven
    Spells Importing Tutorial [26 Nov 2006 07:58]Daelin
    Stacking Items [21 Dec 2007 11:36]DigitalDemon
    Starting with GUI [21 Mar 2008 06:51]Lord_of_sausage
    TaaZ's Item System [26 Jul 2005 21:08]TaaZ
    The mysteries of the Spellbook [27 Apr 2007 13:36]Diablo-dk
    Torch System [25 Jan 2009 15:27]Belgarath
    Variables [03 Jan 2006 08:37]Ralle
    [GUI] Efficient Arrays - Multiinstanceabilty for Timers, Custom Values, and more [27 Aug 2008 12:04]PurplePoot
    [Reviewed: BlinkBoy] Understanding triggers and creating them. [20 Aug 2008 15:52]Zypher

    Poor UI, Bad ability descriptions, lumber icon, Low Upkeep and so on!
    Green icons, just very bad!

    No Multiboard

    No Quest Log

    No any kind of custom spells/systems, damn this is RPG!
    Grrr check Polishing Your Game

    Game Play is horrible, 10 items, low gold, 1 ability per hero and they are all same!
    Summon Water Elemental (you even didn't changed name in Learn Tooltip)
    Also you can see only 3 levels there!

    Whole game is just pick hero, and summon, kill!

    Always give credits to people that helped you BECAUSE THERE IS NO CREDITS IN YOUR MAP AND YOU USED CUSTOM CREATED ICONS!
    Crediting Tutorial

    Now About THW, because you are new here, so let me present this site to you,
    please READ this:

    The Hive includes many talented Warcraft III modders of all skill levels among its users. New members (especially friendly ones) are always welcome. Take a look around and enjoy your stay, may it be long and productive!

    Some good places to start include:
    Searching the site using the above link always helps, you can learn a lot that way: just reading and learning is usually the best place to start, especially if one feels overwhelmed.

    Likewise, the tutorials can really teach ALL of us a thing or two.
    The chat room is cool: lots of people can answer questions there.

    A few other tips that might help too:
    -Always search first! Did I already mention THAT?
    -When creating a new thread, make the title VERY specific: so the site's search engine (and we users) can easily understand just what the thread contains.
    -Post your new threads in the proper forum: read the descriptions of each one so that you know what to post there.
    -If all else fails, just send me a private message! I'll try to do whatever I can to help.


    If map isn't finished jet, use Map Development forum for that! You can make thread there upload your map so people can tell you what they think just like here! Also for any help with triggers or how to clean memory leaks post triggers and create threads here Triggers & Scripts! Btw if you need any help with WE we have World Editor Help Zone here on THW! And at the end if you need any resource from icons to loading screens check this out Requests!

    If this helped you even a little then my work here is well done :infl_thumbs_up: