Damage of Time Trigger

Level 7
Jan 23, 2008
I am trying to make a damage over time trigger for a spell and when ever it is activiated it causes the game to lagg. The time could be similar the trigger which only lasts for 10 seconds.

-Unit casts a spell

-<spell being cast> equal to <DoT>

-set <DoTDmg> = 80
-set <DoTDmg> = 80/10
-loop actions from interger 1 to 10
--wait 1 second
--cause <casting unit> to damage <target unit of ability being cast> with damage <DoTDmg> with attack type spells(other one is normal)

I have heard that this can be a problem with a wait time being in the loop, or is there some other problem.
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
its about GUI and Waits
you cant use Waits in GUI loops
convert your trigger to custom text - post it here, I'll post you a working version