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Custom trees missing textures and Dalaran Sky bug

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Level 4
Nov 13, 2019
I'm having wierd issues with custom trees.

I needed to have trees that have no collision and smaller scale than the rest on my map so I copied the Summer Tree Wall doodad and changed only the relevant fields. They appear fine in the editor but they are without texture in-game.

Update: I noticed for whatever reason they look as they should when they are covered by the map boundary fog.

Update 2: Getting the same issue no matter what tree asset i copy. Easily recreated bug.


Also another potential bug I've encountered not relevant to the custom trees - when setting sky to "Dalaran Sky" with triggers it is different than the "Dalaran Sky" in the editor under Scenario->Map Preferences. I think it's the Barrens Sky in-game. Have not been able to find the real "Dalaran Sky" when using triggers.

Is anyone able to tell me if I'm doing something wrong?
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