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[Import] Custom Models are Invisible in Game

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Level 3
Jul 23, 2021
this issue is still been revolving in Warcraft 3 (any versions), ik alot of people are really upset with this issue including myself aswell

on model editor/viewer you could sometimes see it's texture's, but when you import it and test it in game, the model appears invisible with just a shadow circle


it would be nicer, if someone could make a clear tutorial on how to deal with this issue

Dr Super Good

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Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
Try re-exporting the texture. Due to poorly written third party BLP specifications most export tools do not export correctly to BLP files so can make corrupt or buggy BLP files.

Use BLP lab with +2 mipmap levels over the required number (to counter act a bug) and export to BLP1 using JPEG encoding.

Alternatively you can try exporting the textures as DDS files. I recall Warcraft 3 supporting both DXTC 1 and 5 for diffuse style textures. Normal textures (Reforged only) need a different format.
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